What are the Chances of RNG Winning Worlds 2018?

RNG’s impressive performance during MSI 2018 shocked everyone around the globe, leading many to speculate as early right now if they can win Worlds 2018. After all, it’s not often that you see another region emerge victorious on the global stage.

As such, you can’t help but wonder if Royal Never Give Up’s historic victory over Kingzone DragonX is only a start of things to come.

For most of us, the truly exciting aspect of RNG winning MSI is that the LCK have lost their monopoly. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t wait for the moment when someone other than a Korean team would win a global tournament, proving to us that Koreans were mortals like the rest of us. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen any region but Korea hoisting international trophies.

With RNG breaking this streak, we’re now confident that other regions finally have the ability to compete. The LPL’s triumph in MSI 2018 made the international stage interesting once more as it’s now impossible to determine which team will reign supreme in the upcoming tournaments.

We’ve got the Rift Rivals approaching, and not long after, Worlds 2018 itself.

What Led to RNG’s Rise?

There’s only one noticeable difference between this year and any other year. SKT weren’t present for MSI. Since SKT were one of the main reasons that other regions lost tournament finals, them not being able to make it this time had huge repercussions for Korea. Kingzone didn’t have the same amount of experience with MSI and were unable to go all the way. This was despite the fact that they were the best team of their region by a long shot.

The reign of SKT might yet have some time left, but there’s no evidence to support that. They’re at their very lowest right now and will have to work incredibly hard if they want to make their way into Worlds this year. They’ve been completely outclassed by their peers, and have a single season left to train their new rookie players. Rift Rivals should be a good indicator of how SKT is doing right now. If they fail as miserably as they did in the spring season, things won’t look good for them.

Without one of the most dominant LCK teams around to keep the LPL in check, they’re sure to make another statement at Worlds 2018. Kingzone clearly weren’t enough to make a difference, and looking at how much better they were in comparison to other LCK teams, we can safely assume that RNG will be able to deal with them.

RNG Winning Over EDG is a Huge Deal

If they did it once, they can do it again. RNG has long been overshadowed by EDG. However, EDG isn’t the only team that RNG will have to contend with this coming season.

Just like SKT, RNG will have a chance to assert their dominance over their respective region. A failure to do so, which is a highly unlikely scenario, will mean that this year’s MSI was just a fluke.

uzi rng msi 2018

RNG winning MSI 2018 – via lolesports Twitter

Judging by the skill and confidence that RNG played with, however, it’s safe to say that there was no luck involved. RNG climbed up the spring season ladder fair and square. They started from the very bottom of the group stage playoffs and made their way to the finals in a straight winning spree. They bested EDG there and shot all the way to the MSI 2018 trophy. With this boost in confidence, we’re expecting RNG to keep their war face on. We think they’ll keep winning, and will probably take the summer season trophy as well.

What Are LPL’s Chances of Winning Worlds 2018?

It’s a given that Royal Never Give Up will attend Worlds 2018 this year. Them not attending is almost impossible at this point, due to how far ahead they are because of their Spring season and MSI wins. If they keep playing the way they are now, there’s no reason to assume that another team will go to Worlds in their stead.

With the LCK losing its dominant hold over League of Legends, we’re expecting the LPL to fill in the gap. Western teams have so far proven incompetent in comparison to Asian teams. Of course, this could change, but don’t bet on it.

As of now, RNG is looking like the most dominant team in the world, replacing Kingzone as the most anticipated team worldwide. If things continue down this path, we believe RNG will be able to take the Summoner’s Cup home this year. If they fail, another LPL team will probably be there to back them up.

Do you think that it is possible that RNG could win Worlds 2018 this year? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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