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New LoL Patch 8.14: Potential Mage Buffs, Domination Rune Buffs, and Liandry Changes

June 22, 2018

We’ve got more news about the state of the game from Riot’s Meddler on the Dev Corner with details on the new LoL patch 8.14. Apparently, after the last few…

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 2: Predictions, Betting Odds, Preview

2018 EU LCS Summer Week 2 is here and the meta probably won’t change much. We can expect similar picks and bans as we had last week. Even though the…

5 Lessons We Grasped from EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1

June 21, 2018

EU LCS Summer 2018 Week 1 saw some pretty extreme highs and laws, as it was filled with plays and picks that truly surprised us, for better or for worse….

NA LCS 2018 Summer Split Week 1 Recap: The Wild West Isn’t Quite So

June 20, 2018

See how the various teams from North America interpreted the wildest meta known to the player base since Season 2 in our recap of NA LCS 2018 Summer Split week…

LCK 2018 on League of Legends Patch 8.11: A League Reborn

June 16, 2018

Thanks to League of Legends Patch 8.11, the LCK we’ve seen so far is different from the usual Korean games.  The arrival of League of Legends patch 8.11 has shaken up the…