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Counter Strike in 2017 outstrips League of Legends

Industry sources feel that Counter Strike: Global Offensive will outstrip League of Legends on the esports scene this year. Sure, LoL has the numbers, and they broadcast games in luscious...
CS:GO Counter Strike Tournament

ESL Pro League Betting Analysis – European Teams

With the opening matches just days away, an ESL Pro League Betting Analysis is bound to come in handy for anyone wondering just which team to put their money...
CS:GO ESL Pro League Season Six begins

Season 6 of the ESL Pro League is just around the corner!

Contenders and fans are gearing up for the million dollar ESL Pro League, and the opening rounds are just days away. The ESL Pro League Saga continues... Come August 22, it’ll...
faze guardian

Post Krakow Shuffle: European Madness

Another post major period, another shuffle, as is the unwritten rule of CS:GO's competitive scene and the Krakow shuffle proved to be no different. However, it did provide some...
Navi CEO

NaVi CEO Talks About Changes To CS:GO and Dota 2 Roster

In a recent interview, NaVi CEO, Yevhen Zolotarov, talked about the recent changes regarding the organisation's CS:GO roster, as well as what's going to happen to their Dota 2...
Krakow Major Recap

Krakow Major Recap: Gambit Shock the World

After three hard fought days in the Tauron Arena, Krakow, Gambit lifted the trophy - a conclusion that nobody saw coming. Now that our heads have cooled down, Esportsranks...
Krakow Major Preview

Krakow Major Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards

With the Krakow Major starting later today, all teams are ready to partake in the second million dollar major of 2017. Join us for our PGL Krakow Major Preview. Krakow...
DreamHack Valencia Preview get right yell

DreamHack Valencia Preview: Favourites, Underdogs and Wildcards

Less than a week before the next major due to take place in Krakow starting later this week, eight teams will square off in the Valencian stop of the...
Cloud 9 entering the arena

CSGO Rankings – Post ESL One Cologne 2017

Fresh off the culmination of ESL One Cologne we have a look at the updated CSGO Rankings to give you the latest top 10 teams on the scene. CSGO Rankings 10....
ESL Cologne Recap

ESL Cologne Recap: SK Cruise to Victory

Three days of main stage competition has concluded in Germany and SK walk away with a title which came fairly easily, despite tough opponents. Join us for the ESL...

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