Esports Championship Series

Esports Championship Series 4 – Teams Review

Most of the teams currently participating in the ESL Pro League can be seen facing against each other in the Esports Championship Series 4 as well. Ten teams each...
Betting Tips ESL Pro League

Betting Tips for Epic Battles Today – ESL Pro League

Today a lot of teams are clashing in an exciting series of matches. Some of these are quite predictable, and that, as usual, means added funds for the betting...
Esports Betting for the ESL Pro League

Esports Betting for the ESL Pro League – Oct 18

There are eight face-offs slated for today, with two matches in each encounter. That’s quite an intense match-set for a single day, with sixteen matches in all. Natus Vincere...
Betting Win – ELEAGUE Finals go as Predicted!

Betting Win – ELEAGUE Finals go as Predicted…

Those who have been following our ELEAGUE predictions this week have a big betting win. That's because we predicted both the Semi Finals and Finals winners of the ELEAGUE. A...
ECS Season 4 g2esports

ECS Betting Predictions – Week’s First Face Off

Week One of ECS Season 4 is over and Team EnVyUs, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas and rank among the top 4 teams. Will this week’s matches change those...
eleague-csgo-premier-2017-FINALS-Faze clan vs astralis

The ELEAGUE Finals – Betting Tips to Win Big

This is the last day of the ELEAGUE Premier, and Astralis and FaZe Clan are going to face off in the final showdown in this event. This couldn’t be more...
Semi Finals eleague csgo premier 2017

The Semi Finals of the ELEAGUE – Betting Tips

We had some very interesting plays in the Quarterfinals, and look to some even more interesting matches as this event moves into the Semi Finals. Cloud9, Astralis, FaZe Clan...
Na'vi s1mple

Pro Teams looking to take S1mple from NaVi

By now, everyone’s already heard about NaVi’s Oleksandr Kostyliev’s outburst on Twitter.  Essentially, after a bad loss for the team, the NaVi superstar – known as s1mple – said,...
ELEAGUE Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals Betting Predictions for the ELEAGUE

Today has one of the most exciting match-sets we’ve seen in the ELEAGUE Quarterfinals. FaZe Clan goes up against EnVyUs in what promises to be the hardest-fought battle of...
CSGO Pro Team Liquid

A CSGO Pro gets Better Competition in Europe

A good many North American teams feel that the reason European teams do so much better in competition is that a CSGO pro gets much better competition in Europe. Problems...

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