C9 and WE Make it Through Round 1 with Perfect Scores – World Championship 2017 Play-in Stage Day 2

World Championships Play-in Stage Day 2

What a crazy day of League of Legends! The first Yasuo mid and Nunu support of Worlds 2017, and plenty of unnecessary fighting later, we have the standings for round 2.

In the end, there wasn’t much surprise in the two first groups. Team WE and C9 were both expected (1/1000) to make it out of the first round and this was, indeed, the case. All they need to do now is beat randomly chosen second teams in the knockout phase. Then they will make it to groups, as was expected. However, they will face much tougher competition going forwards.

C9 vs. ONE

C9 continued to look dominant in their first game of day 2. They completely ran over ONE, who looked to be exiting the competition in the first round. They only lost one turret and didn’t die once. C9 were now guaranteed to make it into the second round.

LYN vs. WE

Yesterday, WE were often caught out by early aggression. Again LYN, they started off with some early aggression. However, WE showed their superior macro play, leading in both turrets and barons taken. WE’s pressure was too much to handle, and they also were now guaranteed to take the #1 seed into round 2.

C9 vs. DW

Shernfire wasn’t in the mood to go down without a fight. Some massive ganks all over the map led to a decent early game lead. C9’s bottom lane was being abused. However, the rest of their team helped get them back into the game. In the end, Contractz and Jensen helped carry C9 to a perfect play-in group stage.

2017 World Championship Play-In stage

2017 World Championship Play-In stage lolesports flickr


A few early game fights, which could perhaps have been called unnecessary, made the game scrappy. Furthermore, A triple kill, swiftly followed by a pentakill, for WhiteLotus meant that LYN knocked out GMB from the play-in stages. LYN looked dominant in this game.

ONE vs. DW

ONE’s problems increased after Vvert gave away an early first blood. However, after a scrappy game, which included 32 kills, ONE managed to pick up ONE…. victory in the play-ins. This meant that ONE had earned themselves a shot at the tiebreaker.

WE vs. GMB

As is fairly normal, with a game which doesn’t have much impact on the standings, this game was a little ridiculous. A Yasuo mid and a Nunu support signaled the beginning of the madness. If you want an idea of how crazy the game was, it ended 38-9 to WE. However it happened, GMB made a heroic exit out of the World Championships 2017.

Tiebreaker DW vs. ONE

There was, however, one tiebreaker to see who would be facing C9 in the second round. Despite a rocky start from ONE, they managed to claw back. This gave them a shot against DW. Only one game to keep each team’s Worlds 2017 dreams alive. It was ONE who came out on top. It could have gone either way but a 4v5 team fight around baron, which went in ONE’s favour (despite being a man down) meant that it was the representatives from CBLol who would be advancing into the Play-in knockout round.

2017 World Championship Play-In stage,

2017 World Championship Play-In stage, lolesports flickr