BTS Summer Cup Phase 3 (Day 11): Odds, Analyses, Predictions

BTS Summer Cup Phase 3 is nearing its end, with only two days and four teams left vying for a position at what probably will be the last international LAN before The International 2018 — The Dota Summit 9.

After nearly two weeks of action, only Let’s Do It (former Team Kinguin), Alliance, Wind and Rain, and ESPADA are left. Although none of these teams are set to play at TI8, a berth at the Summit 9 isn’t half-bad. Not only is it a great way for players to “market” themselves better to the public, but a good run here could also serve as validation for them to stick together for next season.

Having said that, below are our picks for BTS Summer Cup Phase 3.

Let’s Do It vs Wind and Rain

BTS Summer Cup Phase 3

Team Kinguin let go of their Dota 2 squad after failing to make it to TI8 this August (Team Kinguin)

Match Schedule: July 9, 2018 (14:00 CEST)

Don’t let the name fool you. Let’s Do It is the former Team Kinguin squad that showed flashes of potential earlier this season. Although they lost to Wind and Rain the last time they played at the TI8 qualifiers, that was a best-of-one, and in a best-of-three, a team that has had much longer to play together usually wins out. Not to mention, Let’s Do It still has the 17-year-old wunderkind Michael ‘Nisha‘ Jankowski playing in their roster.

With a possible complete disband on the line, expect Let’s Do It to give their all to qualify for Dota Summit 9 and consider their individual performance from here on out as a way to audition and garner attention from other Dota 2 teams for next season.

Betting: Let’s Do It to win at 2.47 odds (ArcaneBet)

Alliance vs ESPADA

BTS Summer Cup Phase 3

A team of misfits that very nearly secured a berth at TI8, Alexander ‘Nix’ Levin is the only player in ESPADA that appeared in a Pro Circuit LAN this season. (DreamHack)

Match Schedule: July 9, 2018 (17:00 CEST)

This one’s easy. One is a team that almost qualified for TI8 via the CIS qualifiers — arguably more competitive compared to EU. Meanwhile, the other couldn’t even make it out of the group stages of the EU qualifiers for TI8.

That alone should speak to how lopsided this matchup should be.

Of course, both teams have yet to meet at any point this past year. Alliance could very well have improved since a couple of weeks ago, which is definitely possible. However, with ESPADA setting their eyes on the long game — they are going to stick together for next season — and their track record of having beaten better teams at the CIS qualifiers, they are an easy pick to take this series and eliminate Alliance. 

Betting: ESPADA to win at 1.48 odds (GGbet)

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