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Brondby retain FIFA eClub World Cup title amid controversy - Esportsranks
Brondby retain FIFA eClub World Cup title amid controversy

In what turned out to be an eventful day, and evening, FC Brondby retained their FIFA eClub World Cup title in spectacular fashion. 16 teams started the two day event in Paris, but the traditional football team from Denmark came out on top as victors. They walked away with the lionshare of the 50,000 $ prize pool. All eyes are now looking forward to the penultimate stop in the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup, the playoffs which will be held in Amsterdam next week.

FIFA eClub World Cup Finals

The journey to the finals of this short tournament had quite a few stories to tell. One of them, was how FUT Champions Cup Manchester PS4 champion Eisvogel decimated competition to get his team to the finals. He carried his fine form to this tournament, beating his Manchester nemesis twice during the course of the event. It must be said, however, that Msdossary played this whole tournament on the PS4, to allow his teammate to stay the Xbox. That they finished the group stage top is a testament to the ability of the Saudi team.

Eisvogel, from Team EnVyUs, finished his finals match victor with a scoreline of 4-1 against Fredberg. The title looked set to cross the Atlantic, with a spot ready on the bursting trophy cabinet of Team EnVyUs. However, the final match of the day featured FIFAUstun against a relative unknown Aero. Ustun raced to an early lead, and the comeback looked like it was all but an eventuality. Goal after goal crossed the line and Aero was simply powerless to stop the deluge.

In the end, FIFAUstun won with an incredible 6-0 scoreline and ensured that the FIFA eClub World Cup title remained in Denmark for the second year running.

FIFA eClub world cup

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 20: FIFA eClub World Cup Qualifiers Series Team pose together at the beginning of the FIFA eClub World Cup – Day 2 on May 20, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Controversy is never far

The tournament in Paris did have it’s fair share of controversy however. In the final group stage of the day, AVCF faced off against FC Shalke with Freitas taking on Idealz. Mid-second half, with the score tied on aggregate, the match only needed to end for AVCF to progress to the next stage, at the expense of Unilad Esports. Incredibly, the two players decided to kick the ball around the back line for a good 30 in-game minutes as the game ended a draw. AVCF needed the point to qualify, while FC Shalke already had progression assured.

With a combined 0 shots on target (2 blocked) in the second half, and with the Shalke player showing no intent to leave his half, it does seem a bit suspect.

Cries of matchfixing rang out on social media, and it very well could be the case, as it was clear neither player desired to make an attempt to move forward to score. For those unfamiliar with official FIFA events, time-wasting is NOT ALLOWED according to the rules, however, there is no clear definition of what constitutes time-wasting. It is still unclear if this will be investigated further.

Best in the world walks off the stage

Later on in the day at the FIFA eClub World Cup semifinals, the notorious Kurt0411, with MKRS for this tournament, faced off against eventual winner Ustun from Brondby. He had just come off a tense match against Hashtag Ryan, in which he was unsatisfied seemly with everything, including the headset. Kurt raced to an early lead but immediately conceded an equalizer. Soon after, Ustun scored from a free kick and Kurt was down 6-3 on aggregate. At this point it seemed as if Kurt was ready to stand up and leave, but he continued to play.

Right after the second half kicked off, Ustun scored again, and off came Kurt’s headset. The ragequit was near. He continued and managed to claw 2 goals back, making the tie 3-3 and down 7-5 on aggregate. Now controversy reared it’s ugly head. Ustun scored from kickoff again, and this was the straw that broke Kurt’s back. Kurt took of his headset in disgust and walked off stage. It seemed like his eClub World Cup tournament was over.


PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 20: Kurt Fenech aka KURT0411 of Mkers reacts during the FIFA eClub World Cup – Day 2 on May 20, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Kurt was seen talking to tournament officials and everyone was unsure if the match would continue. Eventually Kurt took his seat, sans headphones, and begrudgingly continued to play. Kurt kicked off and passed the ball across his backline in an attempt to just see the game off. Ustun was able to steal the ball, and in what some may call a sign of disrespect, proceeded to juggle the ball and attempted an El Tornado goal.

Twitter and Twitch Erupt

Soon after the Kurt loss, twitter erupted with event host Spencer Owen giving his opinion on the existence of exploits and Kurt’s reaction.

FaZe Tass chimed in as well, calling Spencer a “Yes man”. While all this was happening, FIFA’s #1 Twitch streamer, Castro_1021 offered to interview live on stream Spence and Kurt, to which Tass also replied.

In a separate thread, Spencer revealed the reason why Tass left/was released from Hashtag. The real reason had been a mystery, since there was no official announcement from either party.

In the end, we will probably see a Spencer Owner – Kurt – Castro live interview session after the Amsterdam playoffs. An explosive end to the FIFA eClub World Cup and a great taste of the action to come in the playoffs.

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