Solary Duo’s Qualify, Ninja and Aydan miss out, FaZe Duo with INSANE comeback – Fortnite World Cup Week 6

It was a stellar weekend for  French Fortnite organization – Solary. Both their main duo’s qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, as 200,000 viewers watched on the Solary Team house stream. From there they were witness to all four of Solary’s competitive players – Airwaks & Nikof and Hunter & Kinstaar secure qualification with a 2nd and 4th place.

E11 Stomp & Tschiiinkcn “qualified” again, finishing in 1st, and winning $10,000. They are quickly making themselves favourites for the Duo portion of the World Cup – remarkable considering their relatively low profile before the start of the qualifiers.

NRG Benjyfish & MrSavageM plus Mongraal & Atlantis Mitr0 also qualified for a second time proving that consistency is possible in the frantic shifting meta of Fortnite.

Speaking of shifting meta’s, Vehicles were once again disabled following a bug discovered last week which meant that players couldn’t get out of them. The removal of ballers, in particular, was something that the Solary boy’s felt favoured their playstyle.

NA East Recap – Ninja Misses Out

Forntie WOrld Cup Week 6 Ninja comeback

From EU to NA East the audience moved to Tfue’s stream, especially as Ninja had decided to compete without streaming. With just the top 3 qualifying it was bound to be tight.

Tfue and Cloak started strong with 42 points in their first 3 games but struggled for 4, with a series of poor drops, RNG and the bad decision making. The won game 8 putting them in 8th heading with two games to go but they couldn’t do it even with a strong performance in Game 10. They would finish 13th with 83 points.

FaZe Dubs and Megga made history, the 2nd group of players to have qualified as both solos and as duos and they did it in the most spectacular of ways.

It was a comeback that will go down in Fortnite legend.

They had looked all but out by the time they got into Game 9 but somehow they managed to claw it back. They would go on to win those last two games with 15 and 18 kills respectively. It was a pair of results that catapulted them into 4th and luckily for them 2nd and 3rd place had already qualified in previous weeks meaning Dubs and Megga had done what seemed impossible just an hour 40 minutes before – booking a place in the World Cup.

Ninja and Reverse2k almost performed a similar feat, they had been in the running all day but out after going down early in Game 9 with little time to queue. But with the clock ticking down the managed to get that 10th game in. They would go on to win it but it wouldn’t be enough finishing in 7th with 86 points.

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – EU Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 EU Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – NA East

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Duos NA East Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – NA West

Ghost Aydan and Sean had an unfortunate end to their weekend. The margins were so close that if they were to get the last kill in their final game the subsequent Victory Royale would have put them 1 point behind S2 little and S2 Jay. With just one qualifying space up for grabs in NA West and four weekends to go – there will be a lot of disappointed players come the end of qualifying.

NickMercs and NioRooch finished the weekend on 80 points. They were in the top 10 for most of the qualifying but had four poor games that ultimately cost them. Nick said he might make the move back to East for the remainder of qualifiers – so watch this space.

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – Oceania

Fortnite World Cup WEek 6 Oceania Final Standings

There was a mammoth performance in Oceania – volx and Code Parpy qualified with 159 points, including 5 Victory Royales. Both players were flown over to Australia by Logitech from their homes in New Zealand to help boost their chances of qualifying and on their last day in the country they were able to do just that. It is likely a points total that will not be beaten, and no matter what you think of the overall standard in Oceania, they surely can’t be slept on come the World Cup proper.

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – Asia

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 Asia Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 6 – Brazil