BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019: Odds, Betting Analysis, Preview

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 continues the world tour of the BLAST Pro Series of tournaments.

From Watsco Center in Miami, which bore witness to FaZe Clan winning the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, it’s now the Madrid Arena in Madrid’s turn to see which of the six invited CS:GO will get to hoist the trophy of what’s easily the most controversial CS:GO tournament of the year so far.

From May 10-11, the likes of Astralis, Cloud9, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and ENCE, as well as one of Movistar Riders and Giants Gaming, will be fighting it out over a $250,000 prize pool and a chance to the BLAST Pro Series Global Final later this year.

Who are the Favourites to Win the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019?

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019

A good showing at the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 will help solidify ENCE’s place as one of the best CS:GO teams right now. (ENCE)

With Team Liquid and FaZe Clan out of the picture, the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 is Astralis’ for the taking, with Natus Vincere serving as their closest competition.

That’s not exactly saying much, however.

Natus Vincere, for all of their talents, have never really reliably beaten Astralis in the past. In fact, more often than not, they’ve looked like they’re terribly outclassed whenever they meet Astralis in a tournament. Not to mention, they’ve always been the sort of team who’s just a single bad day from Olekansadr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev from looking like one of the best that CS:GO has to offer to a middling team at best.

At 1.60 odds to win the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 (bet $100 to win $160), the oddsmakers over at ArcaneBet clearly agree with the same sentiments.

Why wouldn’t they? Astralis would’ve still topped the odds had both Team Liquid and FaZe Clan been here anywhere. These two CS:GO teams not playing here only makes a win even more likely for the Danish side.

Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to competition. We thought Astralis would cruise towards an easy victory at the BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019, but that didn’t happen. Instead, it was FaZe Clan who edged out the rest of the competition, including going 2-0 against Team Liquid in the Grand Finals.

With that said, it might be worth it risking on Natus Vincere at 4.50 odds or ENCE at 6.00 odds to win it all.

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 — Outright Betting Prediction

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019

It’ll be interesting to see someone outside of Astralis step up and win tournaments, but at this point, expecting something like that to happen is like praying for a miracle. (Astralis)

Who are we kidding?

Until Astralis starts losing two tournaments in a row, it’s always a safe bet to place your money on them. They’re as close to a sure win that CS:GO has ever had, which is why they’re our picks for the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019.

While it indeed would be nice to see any one of the other CS:GO teams playing in the tournament step up to challenge the Danes, we’re not really counting on that happening.

At least, not yet, anyway.

Right now, the gap between Astralis and the rest of the CS:GO scene is still far too wide. Plus, Astralis have every bit of an incentive to try harder and win the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019. Because, if they don’t, then Team Liquid will have a legitimate shot at usurping their status as the #1 ranked CS:GO team ever, ending their year-old streak at the top.

Betting: Astralis to win the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 outright at 1.60 odds via ArcaneBet.

Final Thoughts

BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 features an entertainment-heavy format that bombards viewers with match after match after match in a short span of time before concluding everything with a best-of-three Grand Final, the only one of the entire tournament.

While many have criticized the format in recent times, one cannot deny that it makes for quite the entertaining tournament. Not to mention, it doesn’t really take away from the storylines. In fact, the fast-paced nature of the tournament might even help add to it. After all, with all the travelling and bootcamp that most teams do all year round, it must feel nice to play in a tournament that they don’t have to spend weeks of their time on, including practice and just staying in a foreign country.

Having said that, it’ll be really interesting to see which of the other five CS:GO teams will step up and challenge Astralis’ reign.

Which CS:GO team do you think will end up winning the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019? Do you think Astralis will take yet another BLAST Pro Series title for themselves? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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