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BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018: Betting Odds, Favourites, Preview - Esportsranks
BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018: Betting Odds, Favourites, Preview

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 will serve as the last stop for RFRSH Entertainment’s unique brand of CS:GO tournaments for this year.

Similar to the first three BLAST Pro Series tournaments of 2017 and 2018, some of the top teams in CS:GO will take center stage as they duke it out over a $250,000 prize pool over the course of two days.

Since kicking things off in Copenhagen back in 2017, no single team has ever won a BLAST Pro Series tournament twice. MIBR, Astralis, and the most recent champions, Natus Vincere, each have taken turns winning the previous tournaments. The three other teams, namely Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9, and FaZe Clan, will all look to keep that streak alive with a victory at the Altice Arena in Lisbon on December 14-15.

Astralis stand out as the heavy favourites to win BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018. They are followed by defending champions Natus Vincere. Finally, the third-favoured team to win it all are FaZe Clan.

Considering that MIBR will be playing without Fernando ‘fer‘ Alvarenga due to medical reasons, MIBR’s chances of winning the tournament just got slimmer. Although, if they can find themselves a good stand-in in time, fer missing the tournament could end up being a blessing in disguise for the struggling star-studded squad.

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 Outright Betting Odds

  • Astralis at 1.80 odds.
  • Natus Vincere at 5.50 odds.
  • FaZe Clan at 6.00 odds.
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas at 8.00 odds.
  • MIBR at 12.00 odds.
  • Cloud9 at 18.00 odds.

All BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 odds courtesy of 10bet.

Who Are The Favourites to Win BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018?


BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018

There are good teams, and there’s Astralis, who are on the verge of cementing their legacy as the best CS:GO team in history. (Astralis)

Fresh off a successful title defense and their eighth title win of the year at ECS Season 6, all eyes will no doubt be on Astralis, regardless of how they perform in front of their home crowd at the LAN finals of ESL Pro League Season 8 in Odense next week.

Given their recent run of success, there’s very few that Astralis have yet to achieve. However, of those few is the distinction of being the first to win two BLAST Pro Series events. Although they’ll have plenty of chances to do that next year, with multiple stops already announced, Astralis will likely want to cap off their tremendously successful 2018 by winning BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018.

Featuring a lineup composed of arguably 5 of the 10 best CS:GO players right now, led by none other than their AWP’er Nicolai ‘dev1ce‘ Reedtz, who recently secured the 11th MVP award of his career at ECS Season 6, Astralis are in good position to win what could potentially be their 10th LAN this 2018 come mid-December.

Natus Vincere

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018

Their performance at IEM Chicago 2018 was their lowest point to date and they’ll want no lower than a runner-up finish at Lisbon if they are to make up for such a disappointing performance. (Natus Vincere)

The defending champions are fresh off a last-place finish at IEM Chicago 2018, which suggests that they could be looking to bounce back at ESL Pro League Season 8 AND BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018. Of the two, they’ll want to do better in the former, given the added prestige and prize pool of the tournament, but ideally, they’ll want at least a runner-up finish at both if they can so as to end the year on a good note.

Olekasandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev remains the best player that CS:GO has ever seen, and regardless of how the rest of his team performs, you can expect him to deliver. But, for Natus Vincere to have any chance at going back-to-back at BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018, anyone else other than Denis ‘electronic‘ Sharipov and s1mple will have to step it up, especially if they are to face off against Astralis once again.

FaZe Clan

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018

If NiKo can put up another MVP-worthy performance in Lisbon, FaZe Clan should have a fair shot at winning the title. (FaZe Clan)

Since giving the reigns to Nikola ‘NiKo‘ Kovač, FaZe Clan have enjoyed their most successful run to date, winning EPICENTER 2018 and placing in the Top 4 at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 and IEM Chicago 2018.

While NiKo’s promotion as the team’s captain may not be permanent yet, FaZe Clan should look to make it so. He’s been their best player all throughout, leading by example and often carrying his team to victories. The added benefit of having Olof ‘olofmeister‘ Kajber Gustafsson on the team, who could easily see a return to form at any point soon, should allow their former leader, Finn ‘karrigan‘ Andersen, to focus on improving his play so the team can improve to a point that they’re consistent enough to make deep runs in tournaments and give Astralis a good run for their money.

One of the few teams to have ever pushed the current Astralis core to their limit, FaZe Clan have a fair chance of winning the trophy at BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018.

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 Preview

So far, RFRSH Entertainment has managed to exceed all expectations. Every one of their tournaments have been packed full of excited fans. After having already announced their intention to bring the tournament to the rest of the world, their first stop outside of Copenhagen and Istanbul will be monumental.

Put simply, how well the tournament does in Portugal’s capital city is arguably more important than who wins it all.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the teams won’t be under a microscope. For Astralis, the more wins they can rack up, the better. Although their current run already puts them in contention as the best CS:GO team ever, many critics still believe that they’ll have to do more, and a win here will likely help.

As for the other teams, each one will want to win as well for their own reasons. Natus Vincere needs this to cap off their year on a high note; FaZe Clan will settle for no less than a win to help set themselves for next year; Ninjas in Pyjamas could use the confidence boost; MIBR need validation for their struggling star-studded lineup; Cloud9 need something big after being relatively silent since winning the ELEAGUE Major in Boston.

With so much on the line and so many story lines brewing, we can’t just wait for BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 to start.

Who do you think will win BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018? Will Astralis be the first team to win two BLAST Pro Series events? Or will a non-champion take the trophy? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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