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Bjergsen - MVP Again - Esportsranks
Bjergsen – MVP Again

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg has been voted the NA LCS most valuable player again. He received the award today, in between the European and North American third place matches. This makes four such awards for the dynamic mid laner.

As always, Bjergsen was respectful and humble in his reception of the award and took to Twitter to voice his thanks.

Twitter @Bjergsen

Bjergsen has had an impressive run. He started his LCS career with Copenhagen Wolves at age 17, before being named in the new TSM lineup back in November 2013.

Since then Bjergsen has won MVP in four splits. This is more than any other player in the LCS and the chances are he may win more in the future. With so many great players to choose from, this is an accomplishment he can be proud of.

Bjergsen in Stats

Statistics don’t tell the whole story. His are very good although not the best in the League. He has 193 kills and a KDA of 6.8. An impressive 24% of his games have seen him grab first blood.

Jensen’s stats are much stronger and some may wonder why Jensen did not receive the accolade. It could all be as simple as Bjergsen leading his team to the Playoff finals yet again. Cloud9 crashed out in the Quarter Finals.


In the past, Bjergsen has majored on mid lane assassins. He draws more bans than almost any other mid laner. This season he started on a tanky Galio, although his favourite champion remains Syndra.

The reason he’s so successful is partly because of the champion depth at his disposal. In the last playoff series against Dignitas he played Cassiopeia to great effect but also ran a Kassadin and Lucian.

Against Immortals we’re sure to see another masterclass performance and it will be interesting to see if anyone in the League can ever match the legacy he will one day leave behind.