Biggest Takeaways from RNG’s Victory Over Fnatic in MSI 2018 Semi-Finals

If there’s any consolation for what went on during the MSI 2018 Semi-Finals between RNG and FNC, it’s that we hit a bulls-eye when it comes to predicting the outcome. RNG had a clean victory and didn’t even allow a single game to go Fnatic’s way. They played with confidence, and no matter how hard Fnatic tried, they were unable to best their Chinese opponents.

While EUW is out of the game for now, MSI has a little more to go before it’s over. The upcoming days will decide whether if Korea is still the leading region of the world. From the looks of it, their time could very well have come to an end. They now face two great opponents back to back, if they somehow manage to beat FW, that’s it.

Here are some of the main highlights that we couldn’t help but notice during the match:

RNG Knows How To Play for the Late Game

Up until now, RNG has been depicted as the team that loves to strike early. RNG didn’t try any of that while battling Fnatic. They baited Fnatic into drafting in a way to counter RNG’s early game. Then, they picked compositions that could apply early game pressure while having late game strengths.

This worked out very well for them, and not once could Fnatic respond properly to this strategy. Even though RNG were supposed to play patiently and scale up for the late game, they did no such thing. They fought Fnatic head on whenever they tried to attack in their matchup at the MSI 2018 Semi-Finals and generally came out on top.

RNG’s Overall Play Was Immaculate

This amazing victory can’t be handed over to any single player. From top to support, every member did their job just as they were meant to. Ming, RNG’s support, who didn’t make anything spectacular happen, played an important part with his timely Devours.

Karsa, who won the MVP for their clash at the MSI 2018 Semi-Finals, saved the team during game 2 by making two key smite steals. Without these, the game would have certainly gone over to Fnatic. Letme knew exactly what he was doing, and adapted to tanks and damage dealers easily, something which Bwipo couldn’t pull off. Xiaohu couldn’t help but style on Fnatic with his Irelia in the mid lane, and Uzi consistently did more damage than Rekkles, even though he was playing Caitlyn.

Fnatic’s Best Wasn’t Even Enough

They didn’t lose because they were playing badly. It’s just that RNG were so much better than them at every turn. No matter what strategy Fnatic tried, RNG were always one step ahead. Even when they were at a complete advantage, RNG got themselves ahead by stealing barons and winning quick skirmishes. Rekkles even got a pentakill for his team, but to no avail as RNG were far ahead in the macro game.

What do you think about Fnatic’s loss at the MSI 2018 Semi-Finals? Do you think they’ll make a comeback during the next international clash? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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