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The Biggest Takeaways from LCK Spring 2018 - Esportsranks
The Biggest Takeaways from LCK Spring 2018

This LCK Spring 2018 was perhaps the most important event of the LoL universe this season. It also made for one hell of a ride as well, especially when you skip past to how the season ended.

If you skipped the split and heard the results at the very end, we guarantee you’d be extremely surprised! Case in point, long-time powerhouse SKT failed to make it to the midseason invitational. Yes, you read that right. The unthinkable happened. IgNar’s run in the LCK didn’t go as well as many would have hoped either. Meanwhile, the current Worlds champions are nowhere to be seen. With all the drama in the LCK Spring 2018, we even lost sight of what the supposedly “best team on earth” was up to.

Having said that, we compiled a short list of aspects that we believe stood out from the rest of the season.

1. SKT is Weaker than Ever

Never before has anyone seen this team in such a state. While the records say that they made it to the quarterfinals, the reality of the situation was far worse during the actual split. Only in the last moments of the LCK Spring 2018 did SKT find the strength to get up and start winning. For the most part, however, SKT were among the worst teams in Korea, right next to the likes of Kongdoo Monster.

What’s even more interesting (or not), is that SKT didn’t showcase any of the new players they acquired mid-split. Now, this team will be able to scrim by themselves due to their 10-man roster. While it’s entirely possible that SKT could undergo roster changes due to their horrid performance, we don’t think it’s likely.

Blank and Blossom have what it takes to be a great duo in the jungle. All SKT needs is for Blossom to learn how to play with the team a little more. Sure, he’s a great playmaker, but with him, the team doesn’t feel like they’re on the same page like they used to last year.

A substitute for Faker could either mean a string of victories for the team or complete disaster. This scenario could either play out like that of Peanut and Blank, where Blank took advantage of Peanut’s plays against the opposing jungler and then played in accordance with his learnings. In that case, the amount of pressure for Faker to be main carry for the team would be far lesser. It might also end up like Untara and Huni, where none of the top-laners had much to offer as a duo, and would have been better off if Huni had been the only top-laner.

2. Kingzone is Set to Win this Year

The impressive manner in which Kingzone DragonX carried themselves this year at the LCK Spring 2018 induced something beyond the normal range of intimidation. While this team was nothing to be trifled with last year, their performance this split was incomparable. No other team got even close to beating them besides a few exceptional matches. That much is clear by having a look at their magnificent victory against AFS.

Now, it’s a widely accepted concept that Korea has the best performing teams on the global stage. With a team that’s wiping the floor with other LCK teams, the global stage should be little more than a trifling affair.

Put it simply, what we’re saying is that Kingzone should have no problem topping MSI later this year. We’ll even go as far as to predict that the summer split and the Worlds will be a piece of cake for them either. That’s just how dominant Kingzone has been at the LCK Spring 2018.

3. Kt Rolster are still under someone’s shadow

We’ve talked about his before as well, but now’s the time to mention this once more. Up until now, kt Rolster have seen SKT as their main rival. Now, they’ve finally managed to beat SKT. However, they were bested by AFS, and far more by KZ.

KT couldn’t have the spotlight they’ve been craving for so long. However, now they’ll be moving on to MSI, and have the chance to prove themselves on an international stage. If nothing else, they’re expected to avenge their defeat at the hands of AFS during the LCK Spring semifinals.

4. KSV is virtually no more

The World Champions couldn’t even make it past the wildcard stage. That might not make as much sense as you’d like it to, but it still happened. Throughout the split, KSV (formerly Samsung), have been struggling, which is a shame because they were right on top when the season started.

Now, their hopes of keeping their international title of being the World Champions are dwindling right before their very eyes. It doesn’t seem like there’s much they can do to change their situation either.

5. There isn’t a clear winner besides Kingzone

Regardless of what the final scoreboard might look like, there wasn’t a specific difference in skill level between the teams. Save for Kingzone, the rest of the teams seemed to be evenly matched. We couldn’t ignore the threat posed by low-tier teams like Kongdoo, MVP or BBQ Olivers. Low-level teams were able to knock down top teams on multiple occasions, which made the split unpredictable and exiting.

Finals Thoughts

LCK Spring 2018 left us wanting in terms of performance from the highest rated teams in the world. This is especially true when it comes to SKT, the members of which seemed constantly tilted. It’s almost amazing that they were able to reach the playoffs stage at all. However, the region doesn’t have much to worry about for MSI, since it’s a given that Kingzone will be able to carry them to greatness.

What do you think about how the split went? Do you think Kingzone will be as dominating this year as we’re predicting? Let us know in the comments below!

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