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Betting Win – ELEAGUE Finals go as Predicted... - Esportsranks
Betting Win – ELEAGUE Finals go as Predicted…

Those who have been following our ELEAGUE predictions this week have a big betting win. That’s because we predicted both the Semi Finals and Finals winners of the ELEAGUE.

A betting win offered 3 weeks in advance!

Actually, we predicted FaZe would win this event as far back as September 22!

So we weren’t surprised when Faze Clan took the title. And while Astralis gave them a tough fight, we did predict that too!

FaZe Clan take away a cool half-a-million-dollars. While members of the betting fraternity who bet on them took away winnings proportionate to their stakes.

The odds weren’t all that great, but increasing the stake pushes up winnings, and this was pretty much a certain bet.

A carefully predicted betting win – against Astralis’ record

The Finals were particularly interesting because Astralis have won two ELEAGUEs in the past. This made some people think that they had a sure-shot at the title.

However, FaZe’s new roster, while not playing optimally at times, still beat a decisive path to the top.

FaZe Clan wins Eleague

Image Credit: FaZe Clan, Twitter

While it was evident that Astralis were going to make a fight of it, it was still equally obvious which way the match would go.

Unless the always-fickle Lady Luck chose to intervene on behalf of Astralis, of course. She didn’t, choosing instead to look the other way as FaZe decimated their opponents to win the event.

Those who are interested can catch some of the high points of the Finals here. These include the initial victories by Astralis that had those who had bet on FaZe worried for awhile. But FaZe quickly hit their stride, and it was a straight path to victory for them from that point on.

This makes FaZe champions in consecutive events, since they’ve just taken a win at ESL One New York. This team is redoubtable, and it’s going to be a long time before any other team can win against them except by luck.

Remember that, and back this team for a betting win every time they fight in the near future.

FaZe’s victories represent veteran players over ‘young warriors’

We’ve always been amused by people who claim that there’s an age limit to Esports, just like normal sports.

Of course there is, if an Esports player doesn’t take care of himself at all, and lets his body more or less destroy itself.

But with a modicum of exercise, there’s no reason why a veteran Esports player should not continue to put out great plays. FaZe have just demonstrated that decisively.

Ironically enough, Finn Andersen of FaZe – known as Karrigan – was a founding member of Astralis. It didn’t help his old team any, as he led Faze as they decimated that team in a series of brutal plays.

Faze clan's karrigan - ELEAGUE

Astralis did its best in the first match

Oddly enough, FaZe picked the map, Cache. But if they expected Astralis to put out a weak play there, they were mistaken.

Astralis started out with a shocking 12:3 lead in the first half.

FaZe reacted decisively in the second half, losing just two rounds to bring the score to 16:14, brutalizing Astralis and taking the match.

The second map – a walkover

Astralis’ morale seemed to be broken – either that, or FaZe were now in fighting form, because Astralis never had a chance in the second map.

Astralis chose Overpass, and FaZe reacted to this by crushing them 12:3 in the first half, then continuing on to win the second map by an awe-inspiring 16:7.

This is an incredible victory, especially considering how well Astralis have been playing recently.

FaZe are masters of the world!

This team now leads the world globally as the ultimate CS:GO team, a position they’ve taken in this event. FaZe are on a roll, and have already won a million dollars in this year alone.

We don’t see this team failing any time soon, but their dominance is soon to be tested at EPICENTER. Don’t miss it, because we won’t.

Betting win for those who support FaZe Clan

Image Credit: FaZe Clan, Twitter

Besides, if FaZe are going to be winning so much, it makes sense for members of the betting fraternity to win something too.

If this is a betting win that’s got you interested, check out our betting predictions for the ECS, and win something today!

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