Betting Tips for Today – ESG Tour Mykonos

It’s the second day of ESG Tour Mykonos 2017, and we’ve seen some very decisive matches on Day 1. We have teams desperately battling through today to retain a chance at the title. Here are the betting tips for today, weighing teams’ recent performances to predict the possible results of the matches.

The Upper Bracket matches are completed and in Group A, SK Gaming made it to the Semi Finals by defeating mouseports and Gambit Esports.

In Group B, defeated Team EnVyUs and Team Liquid to secure their spot in the Semi Finals.

Three matches will be played today in the Lower Brackets

The first matches will be between teams who have not able win a single match to date. There will be a final match between the winners of these matches and the losers of the Upper Bracket runners-up.

Betting tips for today:

Heroic vs mousesports

The day will start with Group A, Heroic vs mousesports, at 12:00 CEST.

After their rather intense battle with SK Gaming, mouseports is likely to bring unwonted aggressiveness to the table. Let’s see how their match with Heroic goes, especially as Heroic were themselves mauled by Gambit. They’re likely to be looking to equal the odds in this match.

It seems that mousesports are desperate, as they’ve pushed through some rather brutal roster changes mid-match. STYKO and suNny have been replaced by loWel and denis. The replaced team members have not been signed on by another team. Rather, they have been benched for the duration of the match for the good of the team.

We wonder if this was the wisest decision, as their original roster this season actually fought SK Gaming very aggressively. It’ll be nice if mousesports make a comeback, though. They are one of the oldest and finest Esports organizations and Counter Strike teams.

Heroic could take advantage of their unstable roster. This team may have taken a bad hit in their last match, but they are not a weak team.

The two teams last fought each other in the ESL Pro League Season 5, where they fought to a draw. There, the first match was won by Heroic 16-4 and the second one by mousesports 16-12.

Predicting the Match:

Since there’s been a mid-game roster change, predictions could be clouded by that. Nevertheless, mousesports have a very good chance of winning this set of matches.

If mousesports wins this, they will face Gambit Esports for a place in the Semi Finals. That match will be held today at 19:00 CEST.

Betting tips for today:

BIG vs Team EnVyUs

The Group B Lower Bracket match is between BIG and Team EnVyUs (15:30 CEST).

BIG are a name to be respected in the Counter Strike world, but underestimating Team EnVyUs would be a ‘big’ mistake.

Predicting the Match:

In their last encounter Team EnVyUs defeated BIG two matches to one. And this is going to be a BO3 match. Stats and scores show that Team EnVyUs is likely to win.

The winner of this match will face Team Liquid for a place in the Semi Finals.

These are the most carefully formulated betting and match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles.

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