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Betting Predictions for the Starladder i-League Playoffs - Esportsranks
Betting Predictions for the Starladder i-League Playoffs

After three days of back to back action, we’re finally left with just four teams battling it out in the Starladder i-League Playoffs.

Team Liquid, Team Secret, CompLexity Gamingand Mineski will all play tomorrow for a huge chunk of the $300,000 prize pool and 300 Qualifying Points for The International 8.

With that said, here are our betting predictions for tomorrow’s set of games.

Mineski vs CompLexity Gaming

If there’s one team that has made the most use of Starladder’s decision to allow tactical pauses in the middle of games, it’s CompLexity Gaming. Their captain, Kyle ‘Kyle’ Freedman, explained in an earlier interview that the tactical pauses have allowed them to prevent themselves from “doing something really stupid”.

This will definitely come in handy against Mineski. Just how useful it will be, though, remains unknown. Mineski isn’t exactly the sort of team that relies on momentum to win games.

Mineski is also the type of team that has a lot of experience fighting against aggressive teams that like to team up and push. They are from Southeast Asia, after all. Sure, CompLexity Gaming’s aggression is different, but don’t expect it to catch Mineski off guard as it did other teams.

If you’re looking for a different betting option, bet on CompLexity Gaming to be the first to 10 kills in Games 1 and 2 at 5/6 (bet365) .

Betting: Mineski to win 2-0 at 9/4 (Bet365)

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

If there’s one team that has the best chance in this tournament to upset Team Liquid, it’s Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov and Team Secret

Team Secret have the positional versatility and drafting prowess to, in theory, give Team Liquid fits. But their lack of LAN experience together puts them at a significant disadvantage against the reigning champions.

It’s hard to put this objectively, but you can take a look at Team Liquid’s comeback win in Game 1 against Mineski. That win is something possible only for teams that know exactly what they’re doing and their win conditions. Of course, having phenomenal players on your team helps, but the point remains.

Team Secret, although dominant so far this season, have not had that much time playing together yet to have the kind of team chemistry and synergy that Team Liquid have.

If you’re betting per game, bet immediately on a sweep should Team Liquid win Game 1. However, betting on Team Secret to win at 2-1 at 10/3 odds (bet365) isn’t half-bad, especially if Puppey’s drafting is on point.

Ultimately, though, Team Liquid should have this one in the bag. Team Secret might be able to steal a game, but betting on that isn’t exactly worth the payout.

Betting: Team Liquid to go 2-0 at 6/4 (bet365)

Starladder i-League Playoffs Grand Finals

Starladder i-League Playoffs

Image via Starladder

Should Team Liquid 2-0 Team Secret to advance to the Grand Finals, it doesn’t matter who they’re up against; Mineski and CompLexity Gaming will need more time together to take a game off of Team Liquid, let alone a series.

At 10/11 (bet365) odds to go back to back to back, Team Liquid are not the most profitable bet to win, but they are the safest. However, should Team Secret manage to upset the defending champions, bet on them winning the series at 3-1, especially if their opponents are CompLexity Gaming. 

At 5/1 (bet365) odds to win the whole thing, Mineski is not, by any means, a bad bet and they should’ve learned a thing or two from their earlier loss at the hands of Team Liquid should they meet again.

Ultimately, though, you’ll have to go for Team Liquid here; they have yet to play in a tournament that they didn’t win in more than half a year.

Betting: Team Liquid to win Starladder i-League Playoffs at 10/11 (bet365)

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