Betting on the ESL Pro League – Wednesday’s Matches

We’ll go on to the analyses and assessments of Wednesday’s matches to help you with betting on the ESL Pro League in a moment, but for those of you who haven’t heard it yet…

Enigma6 Group has been replaced by Rogue

It seems Enigma6 will remain…  an enigma. The rest of the contenders remain the same, and we expect no particular upsets due to the change.

Betting on the ESL Pro League –

The next matches are OpTic Gaming vs. Ghost Gaming, and SK Gaming vs. Team Liquid

They face each other on Wednesday, 23rd August, at 00:00 British Summer Time (BST). That’s 16:00 Tuesday, August 22nd, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

These teams will face each other again in Round Two at 01:10 BST (Aug 23). That’s 17:10 PDT (Aug 22).

OpTic Gaming vs. Ghost Gaming

Betting Analysis: Ghost Gaming doesn’t stand ‘a ghost of a chance’. Not that we have anything against them, but they’ve been up against OpTic Gaming before, and been beaten 2-0.

Can they prevail this time around?

Unlikely. OpTic Gaming are battle-scarred Pros. Ghost Gaming are pretty much the new kids on the block. When OpTic Gaming rolls around they’d better be ready to hand over their lunch money.

SK Gaming vs. Team Liquid

Betting Analysis: This is a very queasy one, since both teams are Pros and both are equally balanced. Either of them has a good chance of winning this match. Of course, that gives you a 50% chance of winning no matter which team you bet on, but really, it’s going to be a matter of luck and circumstances. It’s best to give this match the go-by… unless you don’t mind walking hand-in-hand with lady luck when betting on the ESL Pro League.

Still need more information before you decide whom to bet on? You’ve got it.

Team Liquid just lost to SK Gaming in Season 3 of the Esports Championship Series, and Team Liquid has NEVER lost to SK Gaming in two events in succession. They ALWAYS stage a comeback the next time round. Our money is on them to do the same this time around.

Betting on the ESL Pro League –

The next upcoming matches are Splyce vs. NRG Esports, and Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

They face each other on Wednesday, 23nd August, at 02:20 British Summer Time (BST), or 18:20 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

These teams will face each other again in Round Two at 03:30 BST or 19:30 PDT.

Splyce vs. NRG Esports

Betting Analysis: These two teams have engaged each other in four events so far… in Season 2 of the GAMEKIT Counter Pit League, at DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016, in Season 3 of the ESL Pro League, and then again in Season 4 of the ESL Pro League. In most of their encounters, NRG Esports completely dominates Splyce.

But it’s been a year since they last faced off against each other… does that change the odds? We doubt it. This is a match where the winner is fairly obvious.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

Betting Analysis: We’ve left these two teams for last, because they have a long and checkered history of encountering each other. They’ve faced each other in 21 events in the last two and a half years. They tend to be placed against each other in event after event until you wonder if there isn’t a conspiracy afoot to always have these two teams facing each other. Of course we’re only joking, but these two teams certainly do have a long history of warfare.

And that’s all to the best, because the more two teams have played against each other, the better we can work out the odds to decide which team is likely to win… or lose. These teams have played an overall of 43 matches against each other.

Of these, Cloud9 has won 33 matches, with Counter Logic Gaming winning just ten. In 21 events, Cloud9 booted Counter Logic right out of the event 19 times, while Counter Logic was able to return the ‘favor’ just twice.

What that means is that not only is Cloud9 dominating, but Cloud9 is the REASON Counter Logic does not win events or even reach semi-finals.

And that’s what I call rivalry. If the thirst for revenge was what gave one victory, I’d bet on Counter Logic hands down. But it isn’t. Cloud9 will win.

Stay tuned for a match-by-match betting analysis of the ESL Pro League.

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