Bets for Today – Ninjas and G2 are on a roll…

The best bets for today are Ninjas in Pyjamas and G2 Esports. The Ninjas will face Heroic, and G2 will face off against Hellraisers. Their opponents are not teams to be underestimated, but the odds favor the more dominant teams here. So let’s take a look at the first match for today…

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs Heroic

9th November, 2017 – Match 1 (19:00 CET) and Match 2 (20:10 CET)

These teams have played 3 matches against each other with their current rosters. The matches were Bo1 and Ninjas in Pyjamas won 2 of them. They scored 16:14 in Overpass and 16:4 in Train against Heroic. In their most recent battle, though, Heroic defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas in Inferno (16:10). This still gives Ninjas in Pyjamas a 66% chance per match and 55% per round against Heroic.

ESL Pro League Season 6

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Why Ninjas are one of the bets for today…

Ninjas in Pyjamas have participated in 94 matches and won 53 of them. This makes their win-rate 56% per match and 52% per round. Their best maps are Cache with a 62% win-rate, Overpass and Train with a 61% and Cobblestone with a 60%.

Heroic won 58 matches out of 121 played with their current roster. This gives them a 48% chance to win a match and a 50% chances to win a round. They are good in Nuke with a 56% win-rate, in Train with 55% and Mirage and Overpass with 52%.

Overall, both teams are putting out fairly average performances, but Ninjas in Pyjamas will not lose both these matches.

The odds are 5/7 on Ninjas in Pyjamas!

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G2 Esports Vs Hellraisers

9th November, 2017 – Match 1 (19:00 CET) and Match 2 (20:10 CET)

This will be their first match after Hellraisers’ roster change in October of this year. However, bear in mind that Hellraisers have not defeated G2 Esports more than five times in their entire career.

ESL Pro League Season 6

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Why G2 are one of the bets for today…

After playing 183 matches with their current roster, G2 Esports won 117 of them. Their current win-rate is 64% per match and 54% per round. They perform best in Mirage with a 100% win-rate, Nuke with 78% and Cobblestone with 67%.

Hellraisers have already played 14 matches with their current roster and were able to win 9 of them. This makes their win-rate per match 64%, and 51% per round. They seem to be really weak in Mirage, with a win-rate of just 25% and in Cobblestone with 33%.

They could be a match for G2 Esports. Hellraisers have defeated Astralis and mousesports with this roster. G2 Esports still have better chances of winning.

The odds are 10/12 on G2 Esports!

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Astralis Vs Team EnVyUs

9th November, 2017 – Match 1 (21:20 CET) and Match 2 (22:30 CET)

These teams have faced each other quite a few times this year. In their first encounter, Team EnVyUs defeated Astralis in Train and Inferno – 16:13. They  faced each other again in a few days, and chose same maps. This time Astralis won both the matches, Inferno (16:1) and Train (16:10). Their third encounter was again in Train and Inferno, and again Astralis won both 16:11 and 16:14. With a 66% win-rate per match and 57% per round Astralis are very likely to win against Team EnVyUs.

ESL Pro League Season 6

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Why Astralis are one of the bets for today…

Astralis have played 222 matches and won 144, giving them a win-rate of 65% per match and 55% per round. They have a 70% win-rate in Overpass, 68% in Train, and 67% on Inferno.

Team EnVyUs have won 113 matches out of 212 matches, giving them a 53% win-rate per match and 50% per round.

Team EnVyUs does not have a history of wins against Astralis. They are capable of defeating Astralis, but currently Astralis looks to dominate this combination.

The odds are 4/5 on Astralis!

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