bet365 esports review

Bet365 is one of the largest online betting websites and they now offer odds on all of the big events. They are known for a large range of odds and also for the promotional offers which they have, making it a great choice for those who are looking to have a flutter on their new favourite sport. Bet365 have recently added a lot of Esports to their betting section and where previously they only had the biggest games they now have a lot more games. Here is our full Bet365 Esports review.

Bet365 Esports review

Special offers

Bet365 have a number of different special offers, some are specific to the sport, however and are not necessarily applicable to Esports (for example they have an offer for a tennis accumulator).

The offer which is applicable to Bet365 Esports (and to every new customer) is a 100% deposit bonus up to £50. This means that if you deposit £50 you’re actually playing with £100. It works in a very simple way, you make an account and then they will email you a 10 digit code. When you make your first deposit just type in (or copy and paste) this 10 digit code and voilà, you have officially doubled your initial deposit.

This could technically mean you have a chance of doubling your winnings as you have double the stake to play for. Please note, not every country are eligible for this offer (although the UK is.)

In order to withdraw your funds, you must first win 3x your original investment and bonus. Meaning that if you deposited £50, which was doubled to £100, you must first win up to £300 in to withdraw your funds. This shouldn’t be a problem with a few shrewd bets. You must do this within 90 days or you will lose your bonus funds. Furthermore, the bets must be on odds greater than 1 / 2 (1.5).


Bet365 Esports Rating

This is what this Bet365 Esports review is all about:

  • Games on offer: 3/5 – They lack some games which some people may want to bet on
  • Ease of use: 5/5 – Really easy to use site, clear and user friendly
  • Customer Service: 4/5 – 24/7 round the clock service
  • Deposit methods: 5/5 – A comprehensive list of diverse deposit methods, which includes practically every option that you can think of
  • Withdrawal time: 5/5 – As with deposit methods, you couldn’t really ask for more
  • Overall Score: 4/5 – With a few more games on offer this could easily be 5/5

Bet365 bonus banner

Bet365 Esports Overview

Bet365 is one of the leaders in Esports betting. As such, you would fully expect them to have a large selection of Esport games to bet on.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. They do have most of the popular games, but they don’t have all of them. Their website is exceptionally easy to use and they have fantastic customer service, however.

They have an extensive range of deposit methods and withdrawal methods, depending on your country. If you’re depositing from the UK they have over 10 different payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill, and various debit and credit cards.

Their customer service is also pretty good. They have a lot of information available for you to read on their website and they have advisers who are on call 24/7 who you can email, chat to online or ring.

Overall, Bet365 Esports is a professional service and will probably expand their Esports section in the near future. They are definitely missing a few key things. Certain niche bets that some people would definitely bet on are missing, certain games don’t have the coverage they should and certain slightly less famous events are missing completely.

The Challenger Series in the League of Legends isn’t on offer even though the incredibly popular and famous ‘Meme Team’ (a team of former famous players and currently incredibly famous streamers) are participating in the tournament under the name ‘Delta Fox.’ It’s highly likely that at the beginning of the tournament people would have bet on Delta Fox to win the tournament as they have a core following of die hard supports.


Games on offer

In the past they only had League of Legends, DOTA2 and Starcraft 2. They have recently expanded their game base to also include CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm and Warcraft III.

This is a sign of the times, with traditional betting websites slowly but surely catching up with other betting websites which were specifically built for Esports betting. If there is a big Overwatch tournament, however, it’s highly likely that Bet365 will offer odds on it.

It’s difficult to say which Esports Bet365 offers because it’s always changing depending on which events are happening at the time. The best way to check which Bet365 Esports are on offer is to go to the website and have a look.

Not only are different events always happening, but more events are also coming to the scene. For example 2017 will see the first ‘Rift Rivals’ event in the history of League of Legends. This brings to the table a whole new event to bet on.

Furthermore, not only are more events coming but also new games. For example, Overwatch was only released in May 2016, yet there is already a thriving pro scene.

With some pro scenes being around for years setting the base for the newer ones. Now when a game comes out the question will not only be how popular will the game be, but also is there a potential for a pro scene?

Keep your eye out for brand new professional scenes hitting the Esports world. Bet365 will have to adapt to the rapidly expanding Esports scene and as new games and new events come out, they will have to offer odds on them. They have, to their credit, done this with Rift Rivals.

bet365 esports cashout

Bets on offer

As with almost all types of betting nowadays it’s no longer a simple question of who will win the game, as it was in the past. In football you can now bet on how many throw-ins there will be, who will score first and much much more.

Bet365 Esports are no different, You can bet on a myriad of different things. The most popular bets are still who will win the match outright, or who will win the tournament. There are many other things which you can bet on.

You can bet on first blood, you can bet on the first team to get 10 kills, you can bet on which who will win maps 1, 2 and 3, you can bet on who will destroy the first barracks or turrets depending on the game. If you take a look at the League of Legends bets right now there are 23 different bets you can make.

This can make for very interesting betting. For example, in a game of League of Legends the winner of the game can give away first blood. SKT T1 have been the most dominant force in League of Legends for a few years now, however they sometimes give away first blood.

If you look at the odds right now for the 2017 Summer split, the game Between Afreeca Freaks and SKT has SKT to draw first blood at 4/6 and Afreeca Freaks at 11/10. Due to the nature of League of Legends, it’s actually less unlikely that you might think for a non-dominant team to first blood a dominant team. That is why more niche bets are sometimes the smarter ones.

This makes Bet365’s Esports betting section a lot better, as some sites only offer match winner bets.


Deposits and Withdrawals

As previously mentioned, Bet365 has the all important 100% deposit bonus. They also have a very good list of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Here is a full list of their deposit methods (In the UK): Maestro, Visa, Mastercard (Debit Card), Visa Mastercard (Credit Card), PayPal, Apple Pay, Paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill 1-tap, Netweller, Entropay, Fastbank Transfer, Bank Wire, iDebit, Cheque.

All of these methods are free and all except Fastbank Transfer, Bank wire, and Cheque are instant.

Their withdrawal methods are as follows: Maestro, Visa, Mastercard (Debit Card), Visa Mastercard (Credit Card), PayPal, Apple Pay, Paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill 1-tap, Neteller, Entropay, Fastbank Transfer, Bank Wire, iDebit, and Cheque.

All of these methods are free and all except Fastbank Transfer, Bank wire and Cheque are instant.

This is another thing which makes Bet365 a great choice. They’re an established name in the gambling scene which means that you can trust them and also that they have a large amount of payment methods as companies trust them. The more payment methods available, the more likely it is that your favoured payment method is available.

Company information

Bet365 was founded in 2000 and was originally an incredibly small company which was based in Stoke-on-Trent. At first it was only for sports betting, but began to including many other different games, including Poker and Bingo due to their quick growth.

They are now one of the powerhouses in the worldwide gambling scene, and as such they have a duty to their customers to provide odds on anything that they want to bet on.

They provide their services to over 19 million punters and serves nearly 200 different countries. Bet365 is licensed to gamble by the Government of Gibraltar for sports betting as well as their casino, games and poker operations.

They have over 3500 employees and in 2015 they had a revenue of £1.5 Billion. They have offices in Gibraltar, The UK and in Australia. The umbrella company of Bet365 is Hillside (New Media) Ltd and the chairman is Peter Coates.

bet365 esports cashout


Bet365 is one of the largest providers for all around betting and gambling services in the world. It is an online business and they know the power of the Internet. It is therefore obvious so see, then, why they have an already thriving Esports part of their site.

Furthermore, on a lot of their different sports they’ve added a few pictures and in general the content looks more thought out. Bet365 should also do this with their Esports betting.

They should also definitely think about adding a few more ways of betting, for example on their League of Legends bets they should add something like ‘first player to reach 100 minion kills’ and many other things.

This adds to the excitement of betting for some people and without a full list of potential bets, the company may lose some customers. All in all bet365 have made a great start to their Esports betting operations, what is necessary is some fine tuning.

The site itself is a great website for betting and they have great customer service and fantastic deposit and withdrawal methods. This makes it a great choice for those who fancy a flutter in all the major Esports events.


Games on Offer
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Time
Overall Score
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