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How to Bet Online on CS:GO - Which Bets can Maximise Winnings - Esportsranks
How to Bet Online on CS:GO – Which Bets can Maximise Winnings

If you’d like to bet online on CS: GO, you’re actually a part of a very popular trend. While the esports betting market has been growing steadily, CS:GO has itself been expanding into one of the most bet-upon esports on the planet today. Live tournaments garner special attention, filling the largest and most prestigious venues, and are touched with an unmatched mood and ambience. The simple fact is that esports have been recognized as sports to which the industry brings exceptional professionalism, and it’s no wonder that bettors are attracted to these events. If you’re at all knowledgeable about CS:GO, the ability to bet online on CS:GO events allows you to turn your knowledge into cash.

While the CS: GO betting market has not yet reached the level of the top two esports, League of Legends and Dota2, it certainly is on its way there, as the ever-expanding volume – and selection – of CS: GO bets shows. This article is only the first of a series of articles on how to best bet online on CS:GO. We’ll be covering everything from the basics to advanced betting strategies. We’ll teach you how to balance odds against risk, to come up a winner again and again.

Bets offered on CS:GO

There are actually quite a lot of types of bets offered on CS:GO, depending on the site concerned. The most popular bets are likely to be on a team winning a map or a “series”. However, exotic bets are also offered on some sites, such as the First-Frag (which team makes the first kill). You need to remember though, that not all betting sites offer the same bets, so you’ll have to experiment a bit to see what sort of bets best suit you. We’ll explain about the more popular bet types in more detail, to help you make that choice.

However, we’ll not be covering betting with skins here, but only with real money. The reason for this is that the CS:GO skins betting market is anything but transparent, and very unregulated, and thus there’s too much potential for fraud there. For this reason, this article will focus on ‘real money bets’.

Everything you need to know about odds

The bookmaker (that’s the betting site) calculates odds for you when you bet online on CS:GO. These odds express the likelihood that the team you bet on will actually win. Odds are usually expressed as a decimal number – for example, 1.20, or as a fraction – for example, 2/10.

Low odds mean a high probability of winning

Low odds mean that a team you’re betting on has a high probability of a win, and that the risk is correspondingly low. When you bet online, you will usually find low odds on a team that is a favourite to win. If the odds go too low, it makes the dominant team hardly worth betting on, because you’ll only win a small amount for the stake you place on them. We’ll go into this in more detail a little later.

sk victory shot with trophy

Source: Facebook.com/BLASTProSeries

High odds mean a low chance of winning

Conversely, high odds mean that a win is less likely, so the risk is higher. You will usually find high odds on outsiders, or ‘underdogs’. While a stake on an underdog can earn more if that team actually wins, it’s more likely that you will lose your stake instead. However, it is possible to carefully pick matches that allow both an excellent chance at a win, and reasonable odds. We’ll go into this in more detail a little later as well.

Calculating possible profits

Calculating gross and net profits on a stake is easy. You simply multiply the amount you bet by the odds.

Wager x odds = gross profit – wager = net profit

Here’s an example of such a calculation:

Let’s say your wager is 100 EUR, and the odds on the team you bet upon are running at 2.8.

You potential gross profit would be 100 EUR x 2.8 = 280 EUR. In order to determine your net profit, your original wager needs to be subtracted from the gross winnings. So that would be 280 EUR (gross profit) – 100 EUR (wager) = 180 EUR (net profit) . So, if you win, you will have made 180 EUR on your wager.

How to bet online on the most lucrative types of CS:GO bets

Here’s where we explain what the various types of bets in CS:GO are all about. Here is a list of the most popular types of CS: GO bets:

  • Map/Series Winners
  • Handicap
  • Over-Under
  • Winning the Pistol Round
  • Group winners
  • Tournament winners

We’ll now go on to explain what each of those bets is like.

Map/Series Winner – Which team actually wins

This is probably the most famous and popular CS: GO bet. Your stake is placed on whichever team you think will be the winner of a game or a series (BO3 / BO5), and if your team wins, you have won your bet. It’s that simple. For example, let’s say Fnatic play against GODSENT, with Fnatic being the favourite (odds 1.218) and GODSENT being the underdog (odds 3.405).

If you bet on Fnatic, and win, your profits would look something like this – For a 100 EUR bet , your net profit would be 21.80 EUR . If you bet on GODSENT, and win, your profits at a 100 EUR wager would be 240.50 EUR.


This sort of bet looks more complicated at first glance than it really is. In this type of bet, the winner will be handicapped at the end of the game. After deducting the handicap, the winning team must still have won more rounds than the loser. It is therefore a bet set to a round distance between the winner and loser. The advantage of this bet, compared to a bet on an outright win, is the better odds you get. This sort of bet is certainly excellent if you have a winning team that’s offering such low odds on a conventional bet that they aren’t worth betting on. In such a case, a handicap offers you much better profits. This is something that is very common when you bet online on CS: GO.

Match predictions for the Intel Extreme Masters Season XII Oakland

Image Credit: IEM

For example, let’s take the handicap on that bet between Fnatic and GODSENT as 5.5 rounds. If the final score of the match is 16: 8, and you deduct the handicap, you get 16 – 5.5, which is 10.5. Fnatic’s score after the handicap is therefore 10.5:8. You still win the bet, but since you bet on a handicap, you get much better odds than you did before.

Over Under Bets

In this bet you bet on the total number of rounds (Over = more than, or Under = less than ) that will be played in a match. This can also apply to a series, such as a best of three (BO3). It works on a similar principle to the handicap bet, offering better odds, and can be worth it if you expect the outcome of a match to be close. You have won your wager if the total number of rounds played is above (Over) or below (Under) the value you have chosen.

Betting on the Pistol Round

Some sites will allow you to bet online on the pistol round that is played in rounds 1 and 16. In this sort of bet, you can bet on the winner of these round. A few bookmakers also offer you a bet on the first “Gun Round” or weapons round, in rounds 4 and 19.

Group Winners

In larger tournaments or qualifiers, teams are played in different groups to ease the selection process. Here  you bet online on the team you think will be the winner of one of these groups. If your team dominates the group, you win your wager. You can similarly bet on the eventual winner of a tournament as well.

Other additional types of CS:GO bets

In addition to the more popular ways to bet online listed above, there are other, more exotic types of CS: ​​GO bets, which I just want to introduce you to briefly.

  • A First Frag, First Blood Bet : This is a bet upon which team will make the first kill.
  • Odd / Even Rounds: This is a bet on whether the number of rounds played will be even or odd.
  • The exact number of rounds: This is a wager on how many rounds (exactly) will be played in a match.
  • Number of Maps won: This is a wager on how many maps a team wins in a series (for example, a BO3).
  • The Exact Win-Score of a Series: This is a bet on what the wins of a series, such as a BO3 will be (this might look something like this – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2, 0:2).
  • Total Time: This is a bet on how long a map lasts. The options are usually longer than a certain number of minutes, or shorter than a certain number of minutes.
  • Total Kills: This is a wager upon how many kills are made on a map.
Betting Picks for the Esports Championship Series

Image Credit: IEM

What sorts of wagers are most predictable?

In our opinion, it is best to bet online on the more popular varieties of wagers we mentioned earlier – on winners, or on handicaps. The other bets might seem interesting, but are actually quite random in practice, and leave far more to chance. If you bet online with knowledge upon the outcome of a match between two teams that you know well, you have a good chance of winning.

So bet on those sorts of matches that leave the least to chance, and offer the most return for your knowledge of the game. It goes without saying that this article is just an initial introduction to how to bet online on CS:GO. We’ll be following it up with articles that teach you betting strategies, methods for weighing the chances of two opposing teams, and much more.

Stay tuned for betting tips, detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.