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The Best Dota 2 Meta Heroes of Patch 7.05 - Esportsranks
The Best Dota 2 Meta Heroes of Patch 7.05

Almost a month after Patch 7.05 came on April 9, 2017, we’ve seen enough Dota 2 played to know which are the most successful Dota 2 Meta Heroes this patch.

So, before the expected 7.06 comes along anytime, let’s talk about which Dota 2 Heroes will help you climb up the MMR ranks, and which ones you should avoid as much as possible.



Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

Since 7.00, Pudge has steadily become one of the more popular Dota 2 Meta Heroes. For good reason, the map buffed Pudge in many ways. The addition of shrines, for one, greatly improved the hero’s ability to roam and gank and be even more of a nuisance.

Nature’s Prophet

Natures prophet

Via DOTA2 Gamepedia wiki

Don’t let the subpar win rate fool you, Nature’s Prophet is a big hitter this patch 7.05. The 80 damage he’s capable of dealing with just a Null Talisman at level is nothing to scoff at. Plus, the change to tower armor greatly benefits split pushing, which, in case you didn’t know, Nature’s Prophet is extremely good at.

Wraith King

wraith king

Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

Wraith King has always been a reliable pick. However, he’s been largely ignored because he just wasn’t durable enough, nor was he strong enough of a carry. Note: “was”

Thanks to his talents, Wraith now has the carry and late game potential he’s always lacked. The debuffs to Phantom Lancer, invoker and Anti-Mage, which are known hard-counters to Wraith King, certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Legion Commander

legion commander

Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

While Legion Commander doesn’t boast one of the top win rates overall, she has enjoyed an uptick in win rate since 7.05 hit. Reliable and versatile, Legion was one of the most contested heroes of the Kiev Major. The hero also effectively replaced Centaur Warrunner in the professional Dota 2 meta.

Both in pubs and ranked games, Legion Commander remains a safe pick. This is thanks to her strong laning stage and ability to fall back into the jungle to farm if necessary.

Queen of Pain

Queen of pain

Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

Despite receiving quite a few since 7.00, QoP remained a relatively quiet pick. But, recent changes to her toughness and Shadow Strike have given her a solid right-clicking capability that she has long been missing. Now that she’s fully capable of transitioning late game, you can expect her to be one of the main Dota 2 meta heroes going forward.

To be honest, though, much of the improvement comes from the fact that QoP has one of the lowest win rates overall.



Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

Much like Abaddon, Bristleback enjoyed a resurgence thanks to debuffs to known carry heroes. However, he also enjoyed a few buffs, namely an improved AoE to his Quill Spray, which has been raised to 700 from 650.

In pubs, Bristleback just can’t help but stand out as most opponents simply have no clue what to do against the hero. And, in ranked games, the lack of coordination and teamwork means that the improved Quill Spray will only do even more damage.



Via DOTA2 Gamepedia Wiki

Alchemist, Anti-Mage and Phantom Lancer all saw notable nerfs this patch. This made them unpopular picks, which led to Abaddon becoming a top-tier hero this patch. The hero has always been a solid pick. However, thanks to the nerfs to his strongest counters, Abaddon has become quite popular in pubs and ranked games. Even in professional matches, Abaddon has been used many times as an offlane hero to great effect.

The truth is, there’s just not a single carry in the game right now that can effectively outlane Abaddon.

Winning in 7.05 with Dota 2 Meta Heroes

It should go without saying that there’s no easy way to win in Dota 2, especially in ranked games. You will definitely need to develop a better understanding of the game. More importantly, you’ll want to learn how to play as a team, even if you’re playing with total strangers. But then again, knowing which are the better Dota 2 Meta Heroes surely doesn’t hurt.