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Who's the Best Bet to Win the DreamLeague China Qualifiers? - Esportsranks
Who’s the Best Bet to Win the DreamLeague China Qualifiers?

The first day of the DreamLeague China Qualifiers treated us to three tightly contested series between four teams who are arguably near the top of the list of the best Dota 2 teams in the world.

By the time the day ended, Newbee and LFY had each beaten their respective opponents to advance to the Winners’ Bracket Finals. Meanwhile, in the lower brackets, Vici Gaming had eliminated LGD Gaming to make the qualifier a three-team race.

With each team remaining in the DreamLeague China Qualifiers a legitimate powerhouse, we try to predict which one will go on to win the whole thing.

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Newbee vs LFY

A rematch of the Winners’ Bracket Finals of The International 7 where Newbee “upset” the rampaging LFY, the two teams have actually met once since in China’s Dota 2 Professional League tournament where they split a tightly contested BO2 series 1-1.

Historically, however, LFY has had the upper-hand in their matchups, having already swept Newbee twice. Albeit, Newbee ended up winning the most important series between the two.

With that said, our bets are on Newbee going 2-1; the TI7 runner-ups have proven themselves capable of coming back into games even when they’ve lost their lanes, which is something that LFY are particularly good at.

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What About Vici Gaming?

DreamLeague China Qualifiers

Image via ESL

While it’s foolish to sleep on Vici Gaming, the fact is that they have a losing record against Newbee; they also struggled against LFY in their most recent matchup, losing decisively 2-0. Albeit, they do own a 2-1 advantage in series so far this season. This includes a decisive 2-0 sweeping of their own of LFY. 

Ultimately, Vici Gaming’s chances of advancing depend on who they’re matched up against.

If Newbee loses to LFY and drops to the lower brackets, then, barring an upset, Vici Gaming is likely to lose. However, if they’re up against LFY, then Vici Gaming have a legitimate chance of getting a BO5 rematch against Newbee. 

If that happens, all bets are off.

Newbee are a bit one-dimension and have historically had a hard time making adjustments in between games. Although they have won BO5 series more often than not, they tend to struggle against teams that like to switch things up.

Against Vici Gaming, who have three veterans of the scene and are coached by Tong ‘Mikasa’ Junjie, this could be a problem.

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DreamLeague China Qualifiers Prediction

Newbee have the highest chance of winning of the three. Not just because they finished as runner-ups in The International 7, but also because they’ve managed to retain their form. One could even argue that they’re a whole lot better now than back then.

LFY and Vici Gaminghowever, are not too far behind. Depending on who matches up with who in the lower brackets, either of those two could easily represent China in the DreamLeague Major in December.

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