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Benjy & Stomp Become First Players To Qualify for Solos and Duos in Fortnite World Cup: Week 2 Round-Up - Esportsranks
Benjy & Stomp Become First Players To Qualify for Solos and Duos in Fortnite World Cup: Week 2 Round-Up

It’s just the 2nd week of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers and history has already been made. It has been in the EU region that the standard has been set and it’s NRG’s Benjy that has been at the forefront. He qualified in 4th place in last weekends solos and finished 1st with fellow NRG teammate SavageM with 110 points over 7 games showing remarkable consistency with their worst finish being 9th.

Such is the money involved in this tournament that Benjy has won around $20,000 from the qualifiers alone and with a guaranteed $100,000 once he takes his seat in New York for the World Cup things are looking rosy.

Benjy at just 14 years old is among a number of young kids who have taken the World Cup Qualifiers by storm after Epic reduced the age requirements to play. Mongraal(16), another Brit also qualified teaming up with the experienced Atlantis Mitr0 to take 2nd place.

The top 4 duos qualify from the EU each week, the highest of all the regions.

Solary Airwaks will be reeling after this morning. He came 4th last week for the Solo qualifiers and 5th here – narrowly missing out on booking a place in the finals.

Elsewhere on North America the major streamers missed out this weekend. Ninja and Reverse2k start strong but by game 5 with just over an hour to go they decided to “burn” some of their games by taking hotdrops in an attempt to fit the remaining 5 games in. It was a decision that proved costly as they were thrown off their game and by the time the decided to sweat it they had lost their rhythm.

Tfue And Cloak of FaZe clan had a similar thought process and it too ultimately cost them. It has thrown up the question of what exactly is the best stratedgy for qualifying? Complete as many games as possible or sweat everyone even though that means you won’t be able to do as many?

The answer seems to be clear going by the example of Benjy and co. They played just 7 games, had a 10KD average and never finished outside the top 7 giving them 1st place.

The NA guys may well of made all the noise in the beginning but they could look to the young guns of EU to stay relevant in the future.

After Benjy and Mongraal Qualify is Fortnite The UK’s Esport?

The UK loves gaming, but we have long had a rather ambivalent attitude towards esports with it never having quite shaken the stigma that those that take videogames seriously are in the same wheelhouse as those that can identify trains by the sound of their engines.

But times they are a changing… the FIFA may well have been the first to produce British esport stars with Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing, at one point the Worlds No.1, but it may well be Fortnite that finally brings esport to the masses.

With Benjy and Mongraal, 14 and 16-year-old respectively qualifying for major tournaments and representing top international organizations plus the sheer enthusiasm for Fortnite it may be the time that the UK finally wakes up to the potential of Esports the way so many other European nations have.

Fortnite World Cup Qualified Players

Benjy Qualified player solo Fortnite World Cup
NRG Benjy Duo qualified Fortnite WOrld Cup

This is the players from all of the regions that have qualified so far – Ghost Bizzle is the most noteable North American players qualifying as a solo in Week 1.

Also look out for MSF Clix and MSF Sceptic who came in 2nd place in NA East, a formidable duo.

For a full list of qualified players and standings check out the official Fortnite World Cup page.

So what have you thought of the first two weeks of Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers? Are the NA pro’s performances surprising you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.