Why should I contribute to Esportsranks?

Write articles and be a contributor to your favorite news and ranking site, from wherever, whenever. You can be your own boss.


  • Your article will be read by thousands of active viewers on the site, and on social media
  • Top quality editing and images will be added to give your article that professional feel
  • Be among other top notch writers and contributors


  • Every article you write will be attributed to you
  • Have your own contributor profile available on the site for you to use however you wish
  • The best contributors will get special VIP guest passes to industry events


  • Published articles will get you paid!
  • Top contributors can receive all expense paid trips to industry events and gatherings
  • For the best of the best : a stake in the success of Esportsranks

How does it work?

  1. Email [email protected] with which game and topic you want to pick up
  2. If you have a sample article attach it to the email
  3. Send in your article, and if its published lets talk long term
  4. Profit


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