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Quite a few interesting teams face each other today in the Esports Championship Series. There’s a lot to be made betting on the pick of the day, but there are other earnings possible in the different matches today. So let’s get on with the betting analyses for today.

Astralis vs Team EnVyUs

ECS Astralis vs Envyus

October 20, 2017 – Match 1 (13:00 EDT) and Match 2 (14:00 EDT)

These two teams have played a total of 4 matches against each other this year with their present rosters. The first 2 matches were in the ESL Pro League Season 5. There Team EnVyUs won both the matches. They met again in the Esports Championship Series Season 3, where Astralis defeated Team EnVyUs in both matches.

Astralis’ win-rate is 57% per round

Team EnVyUs’ win-rate is 43% per round

These teams seem to be quite balanced, but Astralis have a slight edge. The odds are riding high on EnVyUs – it might be wise to bet on them on each match, as, with such odds, you will still be in profit if they win even a single match.

Fnatic vs Heroic

ECS Fnatic vs Heroic

October 20, 2017 – Match 1 (15:00 EDT) and Match 2 (16:00 EDT)

These teams recently faced each other in the ESL Pro League Season 6 and EPICENTER 2017. Heroic were very successful against Fnatic in EPICENTER 2017, winning the matches 16:5 and 16:9. This changed in the ESL matches, where Fnatic won both the matches, though one went into overtime.

Heroic’s win-rate – 55% per round

Fnatic’s win-rate – 45% per round

These teams are playing inconsistently, and are not the best selection to bet on. Either might win, or might lose, as the cards fall. If you really feel like betting on this match, Fnatic are the better choice, since they have been winning against teams who have beaten Heroic recently.

Team Liquid vs Immortals

ECS Liquid vs Immortals

October 20, 2017 – Match 1(18:00 EDT) and Match 2 (19:00 EDT)

These two teams just fought against each other in the ESL Pro League Season 6 matches. Unexpectedly enough, Immortals won the first match 16:14. Then again, we’ve noticed that Liquid has even odds on losing the first match in any set – this team needs a ‘warm up’ to really get playing. Nevertheless, at the ESL Pro, Liquid came back from that setback to win the second match 16:4. This match would be our ‘banker’s pick of the day’, but Liquid have an even higher chance of winning the next match set today.

Team Liquid’s win-rate – 60% per round

Immortals’ win-rate – 40% per round

Team Liquid have a very good chance of winning both matches if they play their usual game. While the odds are low, this is a ‘banker’s pick’ and the chances of losing money are slim. Just bear in mind that there’s a consistent chance that Liquid will lose the first match – because that’s what they consistently tend to do. Bet on Liquid in the second match for the most profit.

The odds are 2/7 on Team Liquid – Remember, here it’s best to bet on the second match!

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ESL One New York Team Liquid loses Finals

Image Credit: ESL

Team Liquid vs Renegades

ECS Liquid vs Renegades

October 20, 2017 – Match 1 (20:00 EDT) and Match 2 (21:00 EDT)

These teams are yet to face each other after Renegades changed a player in their roster in September.

Betting Pick of the Day

This match is the Pick of the Day, because Team Liquid are highly likely to decimate the opposition.

Team Liquid’s win-rate – 72% per match and 55% per round

Renegades’ win-rate – 52% per match and 50% per round

If you look at those statistics, Team Liquid’s win-rate for matches is much higher as compared to Renegades. It is highly likely that Liquid will win both the matches here – they will already be ‘in form’ from playing Immortals earlier in the evening.

The odds are 4/9 on Team Liquid against Renegades!

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