Audi invests $750,000 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis

Audi enters the eSports scene with big Counter Strike: Global Offensive investment

Earlier this year Counter Strike: Global Offensive organization Astralis announced their partnership with car manufacturing giant Audi. At that point time, Audi had no prior connections with the eSports industry. The value of the investment is an astonishing $750,000 USD. This is a substantial amount, considering that this was Audi’s first step in entering the eSports scene. However, their marketing managers must have recognized the advertising potential they could use to their benefit.

Company RFRSH, who were responsible for closing the partnership, recently made public some information about the results of this cooperation. Their data indicates that the deal the two organizations made was mutually successful and benificial.

Mutual benefits

As we already mentioned, Audi invested $750,000 USD in this eSport organization and in less than three months their investment has already payed off. They have received over 25 million views of the the Audi brand over Astralis’ social network accounts, and over 12 million unique observers on Twitch streams and TV broadcasts. Additionally, Astralis broadcasted 160,000 Audi ads on their channels. Also, in 27 different countries this particular piece of news is published.

The Audi logo now has a spot on the most notable location on the team’s jersey, along with the ads run on the stream channels of each player who is represented by Astralis. Also, players took part in the marketing campaign for promotion of new Audi Q2 model.

One major factor in the success of this project is that Audi knew exactly where to invest, surely thanks to RFRSH. Only a couple of weeks after the partnership was signed, Astralis won the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major, one of the biggest tournament this year.

Astralis was formed in 2016 after the current roster was fired by Team SoLoMid. TSM had completely closed their Counter Strike: Global Offensive branch a while back.

There are many examples of major companies entering the eSports industry. Axe has a contract with NA’s Cloud9, NiP has partnership with betting company Betway. Vodafone has teamed up with G2 while VISA is partner of SK Gaming organization.

Another example of car manufacturing giants making their way into eSports industry is that of Subaru. You can read all about their Counter Strike: Global offensive tournament in our separate article.