Astralis Fail to Feature in IEM due to Health Problems

The just-finished IEM Oakland featured some great plays, and a wonderful, hard-fought finish between the redoubtable FaZe Clan, and the intrepid Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Ninjas were quite unfazed by FaZe, and went on to win the event, but this event also featured a no-show by another intrepid team, Astralis.

Astralis withdrew from IEM for very good reasons.

Their reasons for withdrawing from the event were health problems affecting their players. Nicolai Reedtz, or ‘device’, Astralis’ all-time star, was feeling under the weather. On the fourteenth of November, the team announced that their coach would be standing in for him in the very first plays of the event.

The hand of destiny.

One might really see the hand of destiny here, as device was unable to play in Astralis’ crucial match against Ninjas in Pyjamas, leading to Astralis losing it, and, as we have seen, the then victorious NiP actually went on to win the Finals of the IEM. The team still fought on gamely, and even downed SK Gaming, but they had lost too much momentum, and never reached the play-offs. Nevertheless, the team announced that they would stay on for signing sessions and to meet with their fans.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XII Oakland - Stadium 1

Image Credit: IEM

Then device’s health worsened.

With device suffering a relapse and taking ill again, the team felt that to stay longer at IEM would strain his health further. Device, having been to the hospital, was advised to return home for medical tests, and by this time another Astralis member was also feeling ill. Peter Rothmann, alias ‘dupreeh,’ also having taken ill, the team decided that enough was enough, and withdrew from the event en masse. The entire team travelled home, accompanying their sick comrades.

Astralis’ next event

Astralis’ next slated event is the BLAST Pro Series just four days from now, and we hope the team will be recovered enough to put on a good showing there. After all, Astralis are really the tactical geniuses of the CS:GO universe. Whether they win or lose, no CS:GO event can be said to be complete, at least from a fan’s point of view, without the participation of this iconic team.

If Astralis’ ill team members feel well enough when the new series rolls around, they’ll be playing before their supporters on their home ground, in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

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