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Astralis Dominant in FACEIT London Major 2018 Win - Esportsranks
Astralis Dominant in FACEIT London Major 2018 Win

The second Major of 2018 has finally ended as Astralis emerge as the winners after defeating Natus Vincere in the Grand Finals of the FACEIT London Major 2018.

Once again, in front of thousands of fans in the crowd and millions more watching at home from around the globe, the Danish team proved that they remain the best that the scene has to offer after beating the No. 2 ranked CS:GO team in the world, Natus Vincere, 2 maps to none.

After losing to North in the Grand Finals of DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018, many started to wonder if Astralis were starting to lose their magic. Although magnificent during the New Challengers Stage and New Legends Stage of the FACEIT London Major 2018, they were far from their dominant selves. However, as soon as the playoffs started, Astralis started picking up their play, taking out FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and Natus Vincere with relative ease to take home the title.

With the win, Astralis will go home with $500,000 and their 5th title of 2018.

Astralis Reassert Their Dominance

FACEIT London Major 2018

Prior to the Grand Finals of the FACEIT London Major 2018, s1mple posted a +72 K/D diff, which plumetted to -12 in Natus Vincere’s loss against Astralis. (HLTV)

With the CIS juggernauts looking to take the throne for themselves, the pressure was on Astralis to defend their spot on top of the proverbial totem pole.

Playing in Nuke as their first map, Astralis won rather handily, getting a 16-6 scoreline. This is despite Natus Vincere scoring wins in both of the pistol rounds of the map. Also, as a result of their win, Astralis notched their 19th straight win on Nuke. This should give future opponents even more of a reason to dread playing against Astralis on the said map.

The Danes were equally just as dominant in the second map, Overpass. Their adversaries couldn’t even win 10 rounds before they decided to end the series and win the FACEIT London Major 2018.

Lukas ‘gla1ve‘ Rossander ended the series as Astralis’ highest-rated player. He finished the series with an overall rating of 1.35. But, as brilliantly as gla1ve performed, the win was an overall team effort for Astralis. They worked together to effectively neutralize the impact of Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, who posted an ununcharacteristically bad 0.81 rating in the series.

Natus Vincere tried hard to prevent Astralis from winning their second Major trophy. However, in the end, Astralis were just simply the better team. At no particular moment did it look like that Astralis were in danger of losing control of the series.

Their relentless and methodical approach was simply too much for even s1mple to handle.

What’s Next for Astralis?

FACEIT London Major 2018

Just mere months after joining Astralis last February, Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif is now the proud winner of his very first CS:GO Major. (Astralis)

Winning the FACEIT London Major 2018 is big for any team. That’s true, even for one that’s already as successful as Astralis already is. But, even if their win deserves a lot of merit, it’s evident that this isn’t even the team’s final form. Or, so to speak.

As mentioned earlier, there was no point during their flawless playoff run that it seemed like they were going to lose.

In fact, the closest a team was to beating Astralis was FaZe Clan during the Quarterfinals, where Olof ‘olofmeister‘ Kajbjer very nearly helped his team get as close as two and four rounds away in Maps 1 and 2, respectively, to take at least one map off of the eventual champions.

Now two-time Major champions, Astralis will only take a few days off. After that, they’re off to Istanbul to participate in the BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul 2018, where they’ll try to capture their fifth title in seven tries.

What do you think of Astralis’ performance at the FACEIT London Major 2018? Do you believe that they can still do better? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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