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Astralis are back – Hard hitting new roster brutalize FaZe Clan - Esportsranks
Astralis are back – Hard hitting new roster brutalize FaZe Clan

After months of bitter struggle, Astralis, one of the world’s hardest-hitting teams, is back. Plagued for months by the sickness of their star AWPer, dev1ce, and placed in danger of falling dramatically in the ranks by the desertion of their top entry man Kjaerbye, this team has taken some tough calls. Now they’ve put together a roster that may take them to the very top as one of the world’s ultimate teams. They’ve just decimated LDLC and the redoubtable (and unreliable) FaZe Clan in the EPL. After a slump that has lasted months, Astralis are back in business.

Astralis’ superb plays are great news for the betting fraternity

Bettors can revise their estimates of this team as we move forward into this year. They’ll need to be watched in their next few matches to see if they can reliably keep up this level of play, but if they do, it’ll mean better odds in the future from such teams as SK Gaming and FaZe Clan. The worst thing for the betting community are ‘super-teams’ that dominate a game and leave one with miserably low odds when they are matched up against just about any other team. Teams that can duke it out head to head with the best in the world mean high-odds matches in the immediate future. Stay tuned, because we’ll keep you informed about developments on that front.

A team fighting its way out of darkness

When Kjaerbye walked out, Astralis were left with an empty spot in a seriously-weakened roster. The team’s management reached out to Optic Gaming’s Emil Reif, also known as Magisk. Astralis fans and CS:GO analysts alike waited breathlessly to see whether the new Astralis roster would mesh well together, or go the way of so many failed roster moves.

The ESL Pro League was to be the proving ground for the new Astralis

On the very first day, Astralis put down Team LDLC – twice – with a score of 16-5 in Nuke and Inferno. They then went up against FaZe Clan. Of course, we know that things haven’t been going all that well for FaZe, with one team after another slamming them into the dust, but they are nevertheless the top ranking team in the world today, as of the moment. And while they can be randomly miserable at play, they can just as randomly be brutally dangerous.

Yes, FaZe can be formidable

But they weren’t here, as Astralis dropped them 16-14 in the initial map, Inferno. FaZe Clan went all out in the next map, Train, and for a while, after FaZe dominated the first half as counter terrorists, it looked like they might win the map. However, Astralis’ utterly loyal anchor-man dupreeh took the lead in beating down FaZe, in brilliant plays that had to be seen to be believed…

Of course, dupreeh can be relied upon to turn out the kills

Remember that he was once Astralis’ entry man, and since then has proved that he can play just about any role that the team needs, and play it admirably. While players like Kjaerbye may come and go, dupreeh remains. At this point, he almost seems like the man holding the team together, putting in just the right plays where the team needs it most. While the entire team is functioning extremely well, dupreeh’s plays here have underlined the fact that Astralis is dupreeh, and dupreeh is Astralis – the one cannot do without the other. This man is going all out to make sure Astralis survives. And just in case you think plays like the one above are a fluke, here’s the man in action – once again against FaZe Clan – at IEM Katowice last year…

A crushing setback for FaZe Clan

Dupreeh is certainly now one of Astralis’ go-to riflers, aceing the opposition, and brutalizing them at just about every opportunity. While Astralis’ plays at the EPL certainly show that Astralis still has what it takes to hold its own among the best teams in the world, they raise questions about how well FaZe are able to perform, both at this event, and in the near future. After all, what sort of communications blackout does it take for five members of the world’s top team to walk into the sights of a single rifler one after another?

In any case, FaZe didn’t let the map go lightly, and the teams duked it out in overtime, with Astralis taking the match 22-20. While dupreeh played brilliantly, with a kill to death ratio of 35-26, dev1ce proved that his health issues are a thing of the past – or at least will not interfere with his sniping skills, with brilliant AWPing that left him with a kill to death ratio of 45-29. Here are the highlights of this epic match…

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