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Are Team Griffin Already the Best LoL Team In The World? - Esportsranks
Are Team Griffin Already the Best LoL Team In The World?

As the 2019 LCK Spring Split unfolds, we are starting to see that some teams are medicore, while some are good, and in the meanwhile, there’s Team Griffin, who, as of the moment, are arguably the best LoL team in the world right now.

Through the first 9 series they have played so far, Team Griffin have won 16 games and lost only once. Although it’s not the end of the regular split just yet, it’s still very impressive to see Team Griffin defeat some of the best teams in the world without much of a hassle. So far, only one team has taken a game off of Team Griffin, and that’s Sandbox Gaming, who are currently ranked as the second-best team in the LCK as of the moment.

The more we see Team Griffin plays, the more they strengthen their case as the best LoL team in the world. Even Worlds champions like SKT telecom T1 couldn’t even get close enough to make it a fair contest. Lest we forget, Team Griffin absolutely humiliated the former Worlds champions, putting on a clinical performance and building an 18k gold lead. 

A team with a perfect record in eight weeks must be doing plenty of things right, and to appreciate their playstyle you would have to watch them how they perform as a team.

Having said that, we took a look at what makes Team Griffin the best LoL team in the world.

Macro Play

If you watch the LPL, you will see a bloodbath. This mostly comes as a result of the Chinese playstyle — alwayying on their player’s mechanical skills, as well as their ability to take team fights. On the other hand, Team Griffin seem to know when to put the pedal to the metal and go from a defensive stance to a full on five-on-five engage. Their ability to execute teamfights is exemplary and could’ve only come from countless of hours of practicing and paying attention to detail.

Team Griffin currently leads the LCK with 266 kills. At the same time, they also have the fewest deaths, with only 66. As a team, Team Griffin has a collective KDA of 4.03. But, their dominance doesn’t end there just yet. In terms of turrets, Team Griffin takes the first turret 76% of the time and the first three turrets 88% percent of the time. Another impressive statistic is their first Baron rate, which they have taken in 80% of their games.

Team Griffin are also versatile enough to know how to play when they’re ahead, and more importantly, when they’re behind.

In comparison to other LCK teams, who seem to have issues playing from behind, you can see that Team Griffin are just as comfortable playing with a deficit. Case in point, they were able to successfully come back from a 7.6k++ gold deficit against Hanwha Life earlier this split.

Unkillable Machines

Best LoL Team

It all starts with the Jungle pathing of Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong and his ability to gain smaller advantages that allow him and his teammates to snowball the game and if you add to it the fact that Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, who has a CS average of 10.2 minions per minute and an astonishing KDA of 30.8, it isn’t hard to see why they are outplaying the best with ease.

It is important to mention that Chovy had a KDA of 104 some weeks ago and from 19 games that he has played, he has finished 11 of them without dying. He also leads the league in kills with 76 and has the fewest deaths, only 6 so far.

To fully appreciate what Tarzan does for his team let’s delve deep in the individual stats. He has the most kills from all the Junglers in LCK, 62 in total, and the least deaths when compared to the Junglers who have played more than 3 games. His 13 deaths and 137 assists, paired with his kill total, gives him a 15.3 KDA.  His kill participation is also impressive, ranking fifth when compared to all the LCK Junglers

In order not to turn this article into a statistics class, we will only also share Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s stats. Just like Chovy and Tarzan, he is the best at his position when it comes to having the most kills, the fewest deaths and also the best KDA. At the moment he has 73 kills, 10 deaths and a 15.0 KDA. His CS per minute average is amazing, 10.6 CS per minute, sitting behind Ruler only who has 10.7 CS per minute.

Who Can Stop the Best LoL Team in The World

No strangers to the title of best LoL team in the world, SK telecom T1 have the best chance of taking down Team Griffin and putting them in their proper place.

While Griffin is playing like a team that has already won LCK and Worlds, they can be beaten. Sandbox Gaming already did it once, and that game was enough to prove that even giants can fall.

With that said, SK telecom T1 are LCK’s best bet of dethroning Team Griffin. They are, after all, the most successful team in the world and are always a threat. Yes, they lost in a rather embarrassing manner in their first encounter. However, SKT telecom T1 has found a way to play better ever since, putting up some excellent performances and showing to the rest of the LCK that it takes more than just an embarrassing loss to put them down.

Another team worth noting is Kingzone DragonX. Record-wise, they’re not doing so well. At 4-4, they’re a middle of the pack team, at best. But, make no mistake, there’s some serious talent on the roster. Not to mention, they’ve shown themselves capable of taking games off of anything this season.

If they make the playoffs, don’t be so quick to dismiss them, especially if they find themselves matched up against Team Griffin.

What do you think? Are Team Griffin already the best LoL team? If not, what do you think they have to do first to earn that title? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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