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Apex Legends Rankings: Who's the Best Apex Legends Character? - Esportsranks
Apex Legends Rankings: Who’s the Best Apex Legends Character?

As Apex Legends’ meta begins to take its shape, the playerbase, which are already many millions strong, are starting to find out which Apex Legends character, otherwise known as Legends in-game, are better compared to others.

So far, Respawn Entertainment have done a great job in balancing each Apex Legends character. Between the relatively slower pace that Apex Legends plays at, and the long drawn-out yet constant firefights, there’s plenty of time and space for each Apex Legends character to shine and be useful.

Having said that, we’d be lying if we said that some Legends aren’t just better than others.

Mind you, we’re not saying that our rankings are definitive. You should definitely try out for yourself first each Apex Legends character to see which one fits your particular playstyle. But, at the same time, if you need help regarding which Legends are “better” compared to others, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tier 4 — Apex Legends Characters That Need Work


Apex Legends Character

Capable of creating copies of himself, Mirage’s abilities come off as far too gimmicky to come in handy in most situations. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Built specifically for trolling, Mirage is one of the best characters in the game for catching inexperienced players off of their guards. But, at the same time, as more and more players have gotten used to one of the game’s two unlockable Legends, Mirage’s shenanigans have gotten quickly rather quickly. Although his decoys do indeed work sometimes, it’s more of a gamble than a sure thing, and players are starting to learn that, when up against Mirage, it’s best to ignore decoys until you’ve surely found the real thing.

Mirage’s passive, Encore!, doesn’t really help much either. It’s far too situational and doesn’t give Mirage that outright advantage that other Legends have.

Unless one or two of Mirage’s abilities get a serious buff or tweak, Mirage is all but relegated to a troll character, for all the wrong reasons.


Apex Legends Character

As the second unlockable Apex Legends character, Caustic doesn’t really feel like he’s worth grinding for. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Caustic’s ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, is a great tool for denying certain areas and zoning enemies out. But, it only works how it’s supposed to indoors. Outside? Not so much.

With a tactical ability in the Nox Gas Trap that’s far too obvious to be considered an actual trap and deals far too little damage for how much troubling it is to put up, Caustic often finds himself in a serious disadvantage in a firefight. This is especially true because the gas also slows allied Legends caught in it, which is a big no-no since the point of the trap is to give your team a huge advantage while putting the enemy team at a disadvantage.

As it is, Caustic works best in secluded areas like the “Bunker” and .. that’s just about it. This gives the Legend and his team very little advantage when most of the firefights in Apex Legends take place in the open field.

Tier 3 — Highly Situational


Apex Legends Character

In any other shooter, Gibraltar would’ve found himself quite popular, but in Apex Legends, his skills relegate him to being a niche pick. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Gibraltar is a tank through and through. He is not as versatile as the other Legends in the game, and is severely lacking in firepower. But, that’s okay. Playyed right, Gilbratar is also arguably the most annoying Apex Legends character to deal with.

With a passive ability in Gun Shield, Gibraltar can protect himself while shooting enemies down. Meanwhile, he can give his teammates some much needed protection using his tactical ability, Dome of Protection. Finally, he can lay down some serious damage when necessary in the middle of the firefight with his ultimate, Defensive Bombardment. 

All in all, Gilbratar is a useful utility character. Unfortunately, in a game that rewards being constantly on the move, Gilbratar is far too stationary compared to other Apex Legends characters.


Apex Legends Character

A small tweak to the Eye of the Allfather would quickly make Bloodhound a must-have in every game. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

There are two ways to play Apex Legends — loot and wait for the opponents, and look for opponents to loot.

Bloodhound is perfect for those who prefer the latter.

Equipped with abilities that make him the ultimate hunter, the so-called Technological Tracker, has all the right tools to pinpoint enemy locations and prevent them from getting the jump on you and your team. The only problem? Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, lets opposing players know that it’s active, essentially defeating its purpose as a way to give your team the element of surprise.

It still has its uses though. Paired with Beast of the Hunt, which allows Bloodhound to move and track opponents faster, this Apex Legends character is a serious threat in the hands of someone who’s used to playing at a much faster pace.

Outside of that situation, however, Bloodhound doesn’t really stand out in any other way, preventing him from jumping up a tier.

Tier 2 — Solid and Well-Rounded


Apex Legends Character

With a terribly high skill ceiling, this Chappie-lookalike is only as good as the player playing him. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Pathfinder is arguably the one Apex Legends character that could’ve been seriously OP if the game at least had wall-running. But, then again, that’s probably why Respawn Entertainment decided against adding that mechanic into the game.

As it is, Pathfinder is still quite useful and is easily the most mobile Legend in the game, both because of his tactical ability, Grappling Hook, which allows him to weave through the battlefield with ease and his ultimate, Zipline Gun, which puts up a permanent zipline on the map that both allies and opponents can use.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Pathfinder is his abnormally large avatar (at least, compared to the other characters in the game) and the fact that he’s only as useful as the player controlling him.

In that sense, Pathfinder is similar to Bloodhound, but is arguably much more well-rounded because his mobility isn’t tied to an ultimate with a long cooldown.


Apex Legends Character

With a visually appealing aesthetic and a range of activities built mostly for offense, Wraith is a popular pick that will come in handy in just about every game. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Wraith is a popular pick for good reason — the character just looks plain cool.

It also helps that her tactical ability, Into the Avoid, is essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card that players can use to go in and out of firefights. Plus, she literally can sense if enemies are shooter at her with her passive ability, Voices from the Void.

In a way, Wraith is beginner-friendly. Not to mention, she has a high skill ceiling as well; a well-placed Dimensional Rift, which creates a portal that lasts for a minute, can turn the tides of battle really quickly.

The biggest problem with Wraith is that she’s too all-in on offensive. With limited defensive utility — the Dimensional Rift isn’t as cool in practice as it sounds in theory — Wraith isn’t a must-have in every team, even if she isn’t exactly half-bad.

Tier 1 — Indispensable


Apex Legends Character

With abilities that come in handy in just about every situation, Bangalore is that one Apex Legends character you should definitely give at least a try. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

The perfect mix of offense and defense, Bangalore has everything you need to succeed and survive in Apex Legends.

Her tactical ability, Smoke Launcher, comes in handy in all sorts of situations and also does a little bit of damage to boot. Paired with a Digital Threat optics, Bangalore can clear out individuals and opposing squads with ease if they’re unlucky enough to get caught inside the smoke grenade. Also, did I mention that she can run fast as well? Her passive, Double Time, makes her move and run faster when taking fire.

Finally, as the icing on the proverbial cake, Bangalore can deter opposing squads from chasing her team or draw them out into the open with her ultimate, Rolling Thunder.

As the quintessential soldier, Bangalore is indispensable in every squad in Apex Legends.


Apex Legends Character

Arguably the most useful Apex Legends character, you’ll want a Lifeline on your side at all times if you want to survive inside the Kings Canyon. (Apex Legends / Respawn Entertainment)

Lifeline is so useful that Respawn Entertainment might have as well added her to every squad by default.

One of the biggest assets in the game during the early stages up until the near end, Lifeline will literally give your team all the right tools to survive in Apex Legends.

Need a new armor? Check. Need a new helmet? She got it. Need new optics? You can pray hard and hope that it drops. With a Lifeline on your team, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the loot advantage because of her ultimate, Care Package.

With a passive in Combat Medic that allows her to heal and revive squadmates faster while subsequently putting up a shield in front of her, and a tactical ability in the D.O.C Heal Drone, which is pretty much self-explanatory, perhaps the only disadvantage with Lifeline is that her ultimate can and will giveaway your position to opposing teams.

All things considered, giving away your position isn’t always bad. Even if it is, it’s a small price to pay to make sure that your squad survives.

Final Thoughts

All in all, each Apex Legends character caters to his or her own niche. What we mean by that is that they’re all useful in one way or another. Whether you prefer to get up close and personal or to provide support for your team, you’re sure to find at least one among the eight Apex Legends that fit your preferences best.

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Which Apex Legends character do you like to play the most? Do you agree with our rankings? Which one do you think did we rank too high or too low? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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