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Analysis of Dota 2 Bets for October 22 - Esportsranks
Analysis of Dota 2 Bets for October 22

With as many as 8 matches primed for Dota 2 bets and 2 LAN titles on the line — The Major League & PGL Open Minor — making sense of all the odds and deciding which team to bet on won’t come easy.

Read on more below as we try to help you get your money’s worth for tomorrow’s matchups.

Who’s Going to Win the PGL Minor?

Dota 2 Bets

Image via PGL

Oddly enough, the last team to make it to the playoffs, Evil Geniusesare actually the favourites to win the second Minor of the season at 9/5 odds. However, not too far behind are Mineski at 2/1.

In an ideal world, Immortals at 4/1 is a safe pick to actually win the whole thing; they’re a completely different team in LANs, as they have proven so far. However, up against a confident Mineski team that recently styled over Evil Geniuses, the Korean Overlords have their work cut out for them if they ever hope of making it out of the opening round of the playoffs.

With that said, Mineski is the safer pick here to win the tournament given their consistency and the fact that they have a lot riding on this — their next tournament will be at the Perfect World Masters on mid-November after they recently dropped out of the Dota PIT Minor due to “family” reasons.

Betting: Mineski to win outright at 2/1 (bet365)

Fnatic vs Execration (The Major League)

Fnatic have so far weathered the storm playing with a stand-in on the team, but they’ll likely find themselves sent down to the lower brackets and staring at a potential rematch with EHOME thanks to Execration. 

Execration may lack the star power, but they arguably have much better chemistry together and have had more time to play as a team. As has been proven so many times before, chemistry is a factor not to take lightly when playing in a LAN setting.

Betting: Execration to win at 2.46 (ggbet)

EHOME vs Clutch Gamers (The Major League)

Dota 2 Bets

Image via EHOME

Clutch Gamers would probably stand a better chance against EHOME if this were a BO3, but it is not. And, with their backs against the wall, EHOME just has far more experience as a team to draw upon to prevent themselves from tilting in late-game situations.

Betting: EHOME to win at 1.38 (ggbet)

LGD Gaming vs Evil Geniuses (PGL Open Bucharest)

Dota 2 Bets

Image via PGL

The weird thing about Dota 2 bets and odds is that they put too much credence on performance from months ago over that of the recent weeks. Case in point, Evil Geniuses at 4/7 odds to win compared to LGD Gaming at 5/4.

While LGD Gaming have, so far, not looked like the same Dota 2 team that took MDL and much of The International 7 by storm, they remain subjectively superior as far as recent performances go. And, unlike VGJ.Thunder, who gave Evil Geniuses way too many chances to recover from their mistakes, LGD Gaming will happily capitalize on every chance they get.

Betting: LGD Gaming to win at 5/4 (bet365)

Mineski vs Immortals (PGL Open Bucharest)

Dota 2 Bets

Image via PGL

Much has been said about Immortals‘ “other level” when performing in LANs and for the most part, they’ve proven that they really are a better team than when they’re playing in online qualifiers.

Unfortunately, they find themselves matched up against a Mineski squad whose playstyle can give them much more fits than the other way around. Had the Koreans found themselves up against LGD Gaming or Evil Geniuses, they would’ve had a much better chance of making it out of the opening rounds.

Betting: Mineski to win 2-0 at 7/4 (bet365)

Dota 2 Bets for October 22

Dota 2 Bets

Image via Bet365

Unfortunately, Dota 2 bets for the outright winners for The Major League are unavailable as of the moment and likely won’t be until an hour or two before the match starts.

In all likelihood, it’ll be Execration vs Fnatic meeting once again, but this time for the trophy. The Malaysian-based team should be a better bet this time around because of the BO5 nature of the Grand Finals. Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bet on Execration taking at least a game off or two.

With that said, always keep in mind that when it comes to Dota 2 bets, nothing is ever a sure thing; odds can often fluctuate while the results are even less predictable. But, with a little bit of guidance and research, something as murky as betting becomes a little bit clearer.

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