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Does American CSGO now seriously lag behind Europe? - Esportsranks
Does American CSGO now seriously lag behind Europe?

The North American CSGO arena is doing badly, with two teams disbanded this year, and some rumors that Optic Gaming are also having internal issues. We all know of the Immortals debacle earlier this year that resulted in the complete destruction of that team. The team officially still survives, but as far as American CSGO is concerned, the end result is as good as if it were completely disbanded. And now Counter Logic’s CSGO team has also been disbanded. What’s ironic is that Counter Logic’s Pujan “FNS” Mehta was actually instrumental in Immortals’ destruction. You might say that with these two teams, it was a case of ‘mutual destruction’. We’ll go into the reasons behind Counter Logic disbanding in a little while.

Where does this leave North American CSGO?

Immortals were a very powerful team, vying with their Brazilian compeers SK Gaming for domination of North American CSGO. Such competition is what really builds the standards of CSGO in a region. Counter Logic could not be considered a weak team either, though they were hardly in the same league as the previous two. With these two teams now gone, SK Gaming will have it that much more their own way in North America, which, oddly enough, actually lowers the quality of play in a region.

When there are two or three teams vying to be ‘top dog’ in a region, it provides an impetus to lesser teams to improve, because they feel they could possibly displace one of those top teams. So one sees careful management of rosters, intense training, and eventually, more and more teams competing for the top spot. Just look at Europe. Sure FaZe dominate. They also get kicked out of events in the group matches by other teams.

Setbacks tend to occur in any team

Just look at what Astralis are going through right now with dev1ce’s health issues. It’s as if the team were missing a main gear that threw their whole mechanism out of order. But they’re still fighting, still winning matches, and eventually either dev1ce will roll back into the squad, or he’ll be replaced, after a roster change or two, or three, by someone who can fill his role. The team remains healthy, and playing, despite even a rather serious setback.

American CSGO - Counter Logic Gaming

Image Credit: ESL

This wasn’t the case with Counter Logic’s CSGO team

Here, the team just disintegrated because it became financially nonviable to support them anymore. Is that an error on the part of management and funding, or just that management and funding feel that a team that doesn’t perform to whatever standards they hold up is no longer worth supporting? Whatever the reason, the loss of CLG is definitely going to lower standards in the American arena, where standards are already so low that American teams find it difficult to match up to European ones. I might point out here that even so-called North American teams are usually composed of ‘outlanders’ – Europeans, Brazilians, you name it. Just look at SK Gaming. Which begs the question, ‘Is there even an indigenous North American CSGO scene at all?’

Or is it all an illusion?

It very well may be. For now, let us salute Counter Logic Gaming on their way out of official CSGO. Do note that their female CSGO team is still on the payroll, going by the moniker Counter Logic Gaming Red. As for the male team, let us all stand respectfully with heads bared as we attend the funeral of yet another great CSGO squad.

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