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Alliance Are Your The Final Match 2017 Winners - Esportsranks
Alliance Are Your The Final Match 2017 Winners

The Alliance, who secured a spot at the Grand Finals of The Final Match 2017 without dropping a single game, takes home the title by defeating the local favourites, SG e-sports, 3-1.

Infamous Fail To Meet Expectations

Much was expected from the only TI-bound team participating in the tournament, especially because they were also the hometown darlings. However, Infamous would fail to give the crowd anything to cheer for right from the very start.

The TI7 SA representatives stumbled out of the gates with a 1-2 record on Day 1 of the tournament.

They would get eliminated later on by Team Spirit in their lower bracket matchup.

The Final Match 2017

Team Spirit / Twitter

The TI7 CIS runner-ups also had a disappointing showing themselves during the first day of the tournament. So much so that they found themselves in the lower brackets.

Unlike Infamous, however, the CIS squad managed to regain their form and nearly eliminated every SA team in the tournament en route to the lower bracket finals.

The pressure was then on SG e-sports, the last team from SA standing, to give local fans someone to cheer for and the Brazilians certainly gave it everything they got.

The Final Match 2017

The Final Match / Facebook

After dropping Game 1 of the lower bracket finals, SG e-sports would go on to win Games 2 and 3 on the backs of strong performances from their carry player, William ‘hFnk3′ Medeiros.

Unfortunately, hFnk3 couldn’t come up the same performance against Alliance in the Grand Finals of The Final Match 2017. They were able to steal away Game 3 to prevent a sweep. However, the 1-game advantage and Alliance’s superior all-around played just proved too much for the local powerhouse team to handle.

Is Alliance Back?

After a string of unsuccessful runs as a team over the past few years, it’s not hard to fault fans of the former TI champs for wondering if the team was ever going to return to their previous dominant form.

It certainly doesn’t help that the team’s longest-tenured player, Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg, recently stepped down. Although his replacement, Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu, is certainly a skilled player on his own right, with no one left from the TI squad on the team, many fans feared for the team’s future going forward.

Alliance’s subsequent failure to qualify for TI7 seemed to validate such concerns.

While the win may have been against what many perceive as “lesser” competition; a win is still a win.

The last time Alliance took home a LAN tournament title was at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1. That was nearly two years ago in January of 2016 and Loda, Gustan ‘s4’ Magnusson and Henrik ‘AmidralBulldog’ Ahnberg were still all part of the game back then.

Winning The Final Match 2017 LAN title will probably be enough Alliance to give their squad’s current iteration a reason to stick together and see just how much better they can be going forward.

The Final Match 2017 Final Thoughts

The Final Match 2017 – Perú 08.09 Julio

El momento ha llegado para muchos. Perú vivirá por primera vez un evento que toda Sudamérica esperaba por mucho tiempo. ¿Estás listo para formar parte de The Final Match 2017? 😏🏆Entradas desde el 16 de Febrero en Teleticket de Wong y Metro. 🎫#JoinTFM #StayConnected #VastionGroup

Posted by The Final Match on Saturday, February 4, 2017

As good news as Alliance winning their first title in nearly two years may be for the team’s fans, the opposite rings true for those who are rooting for the team representing South America at TI7.

As one of the 18 TI-bound squadsInfamous not only failed to meet the loftiest of expectations in this tournament, but they absolutely fell flat on their faces.

Two consecutive 7th-8th LAN tournament finishes are not something you’d expect from a squad going to TI.

Infamous will definitely have a lot to think about in the coming weeks as they practice for TI7.

What do you think of Infamous’ chances at TI7? Will they find a way to improve and be better in the coming weeks? Or will their performance at Seattle be more of the same? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.