Alexei Berezin To Take A Vacation, Artstyle to Sub In

Virtus Pro’s captain and position five support player, Alexei Berezin, otherwise known via his in-game monicker Solo, will reportedly take a break for the rest of the year. Subbing in for him at the MDL Macau Minor and The Summit 8 Minor will be the team’s coach and The International 1 winner, Ivan ‘ArtStyle‘ Antonov.

Virtus Pro’s general manager, Roman Dvoryanking, first broke the news earlier today via the Russian-based online social media and social networking website, VK.

Alexei Berezin Taking a Break – The First of Many?

Alexei Berezin’s decision to take a break in the middle of the jam packed season shouldn’t come off as a surprise. After all, including their appearance at The Manila Invitational in the Philippines, Virtus Pro have appeared in a total of 5 straight LANs in less than two months.

That’s a lot of mileage this early in the season, especially when you also include the number of qualifiers they’ve played so far. Plus, they already have at least two LANs lined up for January at the Galaxy Battles in the Philippines and ESL One Genting in Malaysia. Perhaps their 5th-6th place finish after losing to Evil Geniuses at the currently-ongoing ROG DreamLeague Major Finals was what drove Solo to decide that he needed to take a break.

But, of course, Virtus Pro does have the luxury of taking it easy. At least, for the next few weeks. They currently have 2,250 Qualifying Points already secured for the season, thanks largely to their win at ESL One Hamburg. So, even if they do end up falling short of a fourth place finish at both Minors they’re scheduled to play in later this month, they will still rank among the season’s leaders by the time Solo comes back.

Going forward, expect more players, and even entire teams, to do the same. This is especially true for those who have a decent point buffer already. We have a long season ahead of us, after all.

How well do you think Virtus Pro will perform with ArtStyle at the helm? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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