BREAKING: Agge leaves PSG

In an announcement made overnight, FIFA pro player and veteran August “Agge” Rosenmeier has announce his immediate departure from the PSG Esport team. The announcement was made on Agge’s official Twitter account with an accompanying picture of him celebrating while wearing a PSG shirt.

The announcement brings an end to the one-year partnership.

What’s next for Agge?

While no official announcement has been made about his future, we suspect that Agge will not be a free agent for long. His illustrious career was highlighted in 2014 when he won the FIWC grand finals.

He also has under his belt multiple Danish and Scandinavian championship titles.

His FIFA17 season definitely did not go to plan. A string of poor performances this year may have been the reason why PSG potentially did not renew Agge’s contract. In August Agge addressed rumors of him potentially leaving PSG and stated he is fully focused on the upcoming season, with PSG. A day before this announcement, Agge was also seen at a poker media event representing PSG.

One wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that this decision came out of the blue, from the higher ups in the Esport organization.

With the FIFA silly season in full swing, we expect Agge to find himself another professional contract in the coming weeks, and surely before the first FUT Champions regionals. He is too big of a name to pass up.