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Hello eSports fans. My name is AGC Ketteyos and I’m the Team Manager for the Awoken Gaming Community, LLC. AGC is a great community, and our main focus is on Xbox One. We pride ourselves on honor, courage and commitment as well as a uniformed player base that are a pleasure to hang out with. We attract members from all over the world who join and stay because of our great family atmosphere. Without the heart and soul of the AGC community, there would not even be an eSports division. We started off in the North American scene and are quickly expanding into EU territory. We are actively involved in games such as Destiny, Smite and For Honor. Currently, we boast the best players and tournament dominance in the For Honor eSports scene.

For Honor eSports Scene

The For Honor eSports scene doesn’t yet have the following such as established fighting games like MKX and SF. However, there is a lot of grass roots support for the game and a lot of people who want to see it grow as an eSport. With weekly tournaments hosted by For Honor Legends, For Glory, and The Overguard; the competitive scene remains alive and well. Players cannot wait for that next big event to help break For Honor into the main stream.

Currently, the Microsoft Store in NYC is holding a weekly LAN circuit with 4 teams qualifying for the Grand Finals, which will be held June 18th, 2017. If you are a fan of For Honor and live in the area, I’d strongly recommend you be there to support the scene. Globally, the main drive for behind local events in the EU is the ESL hosting weekly tournaments for players in their region.

Tournament play

For Honor eSports

My thoughts regarding the future of this game are bright. While it is not the most spectator friendly battles, we here at Awoken Gaming Community have faith that Ubisoft is doing what they can to take care of this beautiful game. I believe the most important issues that need to be addressed to improve this game to becoming an eSport to watch are the connection issues and the lack of a spectator mode. After talking to many organizers, the main thing stopping them from hosting these modes

in tournaments is the lack of a spectator mode. What this allows, is a camera man to be able to constantly monitor the action and provide the viewer with near non-stop fighting. There are many other things that can be adjusted to help the overall health of this game. Some will help bring in new blood to the scene, but those don’t always apply to the competitive play.

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