CSGO Adrenaline Cyber League 2018 betting tips

In the world of big money CSGO tournaments, only a few niche smaller ones stand out. This is one of them. In an attempt to enter in the esports world a Russian company called Adrenaline Rush started the Adrenaline Cyber League tournament in 2016. They secured a prize fund of $100 000 to entice some of the Tier 1 teams to come. This LAN tournament is held in Moscow with only 4 teams attending each year.  This year’s competitors are Virtus Pro, AVANGAR, SK and Gambit. The tournament will start on May 23rd with two semi-final matches. Lets get into the breakdown below.

Adrenaline Cyber League SF1 : Virtus.pro – AVANGAR

The first semi-final match is the between V.P. and AVANGAR. Virtus.pro has been seeded top while AVANGAR had to fight for their spot through online qualifications.


Rank: 15
Matches: 1176
Won: 648 Draw: 12 Lost: 516
Win ratio: 56%
Opponent avg. rank: 44.83

Rank: 35
Matches: 293
Won: 193 Draw: 0 Lost: 100
Win ratio: 66%
Opponent avg. rank: 68.94

Out of last 5 matches Virtus.pro won 3 and AVANGAR 5.

Head to head: Virtus.pro 2 – 1 AVANGAR.

Statistically speaking Virtus.pro is a more experienced team with a greater map pool and more matches behind them. They are clearly the favourite here. AVANGAR is the only tier 2 team at this tournament. While AVANGAR is a rising star, at this time last year they were ranked 200th in the world while Virtus.pro was constantly dominating the CS:GO scene. Today, things are a bit different, as Virtus.pro’s glory is slowly fading away with one defeat after another and AVANGAR slowly advancing towards tier 1. If we just look at recent statistics they are in great shape with only 1 loss in the last 20 matches while Virtus.pro has lost 13 matches in the same period.


Virtus.pro: NEO, PashaBiceps, Snax, byali, MICHU

AVANGAR: buster, KrizzeN, qikert, jame, dimasick

There isn’t too much to analyse in the Virtus.pro lineup. In February they were ranked in 19th place, the worst placement in the history of Virtus.pro, so they had to change something. With 3 players over 30 years old Virtus.pro had to bring someone younger, who could add a different dynamic to the team. MICHU replaced TaZ as a temporary solution. That solution is working, for now, as they did remain in Top 20, but one player is not enough. A new generation of teams are coming with different playstyles and “old school” way is no longer an option for them.

On the other side, AVANGAR is a young, modern team hungry for victory. Their oldest player is 21 years old  and the team are doing a great job building a name for themselves in the CS:GO community.

Final thought:

Virtus.pro is weaker than ever while the opposite is true for AVANGAR. This is a great chance for AVANGAR to win.

Our tip here is a low bet on AVANGAR 4/10. we got a pretty good odds too, 3,[email protected]

Bet on AVANGAR to win @3,13 here!


Adrenaline Cyber League SF2 : Gambit – SK

Gambit were invited to the Adrenaline Cyber League 2018 tournament while and SK replaced Na’Vi. They decided to skip this tournament for reasons that still remain unclear.


Rank: 8
Matches: 869
Won: 509 Draw: 0 Lost: 360
Win ratio: 59%
Opponent avg. rank: 39.04

Rank: 10
Matches: 534
Won: 294 Draw: 0 Lost: 240
Win ratio: 55%
Opponent avg. rank: 58.12

SK won 3 out of 5 last matches while Gambit won 2.

Head to head: SK 9 – 2 Gambit.

Things are pretty clear in this match. Gambit have never won in a best of 3 series against SK. Gambit’s form is also at a low with only 2 wins against tier 2 teams in the last 5 matches and the rest loses against tier 1 teams. SK have 2 loses, and those 2 were against Astralis and Faze, the best 2 teams currently. This Adrenaline Cyber League matchup looks to be a clear cut win for SK.


SK: FalleN, fer, coldzera, boltz, Stewie2k

Gambit: Dosia, AdreN, mou, Hobbit, seized.

Both teams had recent roster changes, seized came to Gambit and Stewie2k replaced TACO as a support player mostly at B site. Since Stewie2k arrived, SK has been trying to balance their game and use Stewie2k as much as they can. He is not only a support player, he can open things up towards spots with great entry frags, and he can also play AWP if necessary. He is the man that first started to use smokes as an advantage. Most players see smoke as a wall, they look at it in the first few seconds and then focus somewhere else. Stweie2k doesn’t look at that smoke the same way, he goes through it, uses the element of surprise and makes something out of it. He is a smart player, but not a reckless one like many people think.

The rest of the SK’s lineup is standard, there is not so much to tell that you already don’t know. They are legends of CS:GO world,  Fallen ranked as a sixth-best player and the best AWPers in the world last year, coldzera – the very best player in the world in 2017, fer – 3rd in the world in 2017 ,and boltz who also finished in top 20 last year.

Gambit is not a team of legends but they also had 2 players ranked in top 20 last year, AdreN (17th) and Hobbit (11th). Standard player mou who is always performing well, new addition siezed, and well known so-called “God Dosia“.

Final thought:

Considering the current state of the teams, this match would probably end up with a 2-0 victory for SK. A smart punter should try to bet under 2.5 maps or a handicap victory for SK. Our final tip is a high bet 9/10 on SK, or if you are more for the high risk – high reward, you can try with a medium bet 5/10 on a handicap victory.

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