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AdreN and YNk Join the FaZe Clan CSGO Team - Esportsranks
AdreN and YNk Join the FaZe Clan CSGO Team

The FaZe Clan CSGO team is now finally complete.

On Sunday, the organization officially confirmed earlier rumors of Dauren ‘AdreN‘ Kystaubayev and Janko “YNk” Paunović completing their CS:GO lineup. However, not everything about the earlier reports were true. Although YNk will indeed sign on as the team’s newest head coach, the former is only joining the team temporarily.

According to FaZe Clan’s statement, AdreN will only stand-in for the FaZe Clan CSGO team through the IEM Katowice Major in late February. However, it is still possible for the team to offer him a permanent spot if he or the team performs well in the coming tournaments.

The latest roster news comes just a day after RobertRobbaN‘ Dahlström stepped down as the team’s head coach, and nearly a full month after the team benched Finn ‘karrigan‘ Andersen. YNk most recently coached MIBR before he was let go after the organization brought in Wilton ‘zews‘ Prado and Epitácio ‘TACO‘ de Melo from Team Liquid to complete their all-Brazilian lineup.

The new-look FaZe Clan CSGO team will make their debut at the IBUYPOWER Masters IV on January 19-20.

How Will the Latest FaZe Clan CSGO Team Fare?

FaZe Clan CSGO Team

FaZe Clan have battled through their fair share of issues for most of 2018. After spending the latter half of 2017 as one of the top teams in CS:GO, the team experienced a steady decline in 2018. Although they remained among the top teams for most of the year, they were unable to match or top their performance in the year prior. As a result, the team decided a change in leadership was best, first giving the keys to the team to Nikola ‘NiKo‘ Kovač before eventually benching karrigan.

Now, FaZe Clan are set to play their first LAN together without karrigan or RobbaN.

AdreN is a seasoned veteran who made it to HLTV’s rankings of Top 20 players in 2017. He spent the last season with Gambit Esports, averaging a paltry 1.02 rating and a -237 K/D difference. However, in 2017, he was among the team’s top performers. In fact, he posted a +260 K/D difference and a 1.13 rating for the year. More importantly, he also took home EVP at the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta and received the MVP award at the PGL Major Krakow as he helped Gambit Esports win their first and only Major in team history.

The 28-year-old went unsigned until FaZe Clan brought him in for his current stint with the team.

What kind of impact do you think AdreN and YNk will have on FaZe Clan? Do you think they bring enough to the table to help FaZe Clan get over the Astralis-sized hump that all teams have to face right now? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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