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7 Must-Watch Dota 2 Teams In The TI7 Open Qualifiers - Esportsranks
7 Must-Watch Dota 2 Teams In The TI7 Open Qualifiers

Depending on where you live, the TI7 Open Qualifiers may have already started hours ago or will start in the next few hours.

Regardless, here are 7 Dota 2 teams that you’ll want to keep an eye on the next few days.

Vegetable eSports Club – TI7 NA Open Qualifiers

  • Fogged / Merlini / Capitalist / Ryu / Blitz

All five guys on VEC are known commodities within the Dota 2 scene. Not as players, however, but as casters. Yet, they’re not exactly pushovers and were actually winners of the Kiev Major Open Qualifiers. Although they would later have to forfeit their place in the Regionals because it conflicted with their jobs as casters for the competition.

Regardless, VEC is easily one of the best Dota 2 teams in terms of skill and collective knowledge of the game. They also do a fairly good job entertaining their viewers by letting them choose from multiple player streams where you can hear what the team is actually saying throughout the game.

Team Dango – Chinese TI7 Open Qualifiers

TI7 Open Qualifiers

  • End / Blink / Xz / iceice / mrrr

The former TI6 champs may not be at TI7 as a team, but two of them will try to give the main event a shot via the Chinese Open Qualifiers.

Team Dango isn’t exactly a well-known name. Yet, you could argue that so was Wings Gaming, and look at where they ended up last year.

Tea Eye Winners & Cool Beans – EU TI7 Open Qualifiers

  • AdmiralBulldog / Imorteus / LokeLok / Raytoran / C00s 
  • Loda / Niqua / ComeWithme / Insan1a / Ninjamicke

While some Dota 2 teams competing at the Open Qualifiers will put everything at stake for a shot at TI7, some are there just to play and have fun. Both Tea Eye Winners and Cool Beans look to be part of those teams. Coincidentally, both are led by former TI3 champion teammates, AdmiralBulldog and Loda, who recently announced that he was stepping down from Alliance until after TI7.

You probably shouldn’t expect both teams to win. However, you can bet on them to have a blast while they’re at it. Be sure to watch their stream to get in on all the fun.

WarriorsGaming.Unity – SEA TI7 Open Qualifiers

  • ChYuan / NaNa / KaNG / xNova- / Net

WarriorsGaming.Unity is probably the only one listed here that actually has a legitimate shot at TI7 because of how the SEA scene is like today. SEA is a top-heavy region, and the powerhouses could end up taking each other out to take one of the slots for TI7. If that happens, WarriorsGaming.Unity has a real chance of stealing one spot and making it to Seattle later this year. They just have to make sure that they make it out of the open qualifiers first.

M19 – CIS TI7 Open Qualifiers

  • Funn1k, Misha, Nix, ILTW, muriel

M19 has finally decided to tackle the Dota 2 scene with a roster headlined by long time Natus Vincere player, Funn1k. With Misha and ILTW, who both placed top 8 at the WESG EU Regionals last year with Comanchethey certainly aren’t short on talent and are capable of winning their region’s TI7 Open Qualifiers. Anything beyond that is highly unlikely, however.

Elements – EU TI7 Open Qualifiers

Dota 7 Teams

  • Illidan / Boranija / Mitch / LeBronDota / rmN- 

With a roster filled with Dota 2 veteransElements Pro Gaming has a puncher’s chance against the likes of Mousesports, and probably even Team Secret. Even if they end up losing, they could certainly make the games interesting and fun to watch. At least, if they make it out of EU’s TI7 Open Qualifiers.

These teams are definitely a must-watch for anyone looking for teams to follow throughout the entirety of the TI7 Open Qualifiers.

Which teams do you think will make it out of their respective region’s open qualifiers? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments down below.