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5 Things Worth Paying Attention to In LoL Patch 9.11 - Esportsranks
5 Things Worth Paying Attention to In LoL Patch 9.11

Riot has finally released LoL Patch 9.11, and as usual, we have some good news and bad news.

While some fans will be excited about some buffs that their favourite champions have received, I’m sure that some of you will not be happy about the fact that Janna and Gragas were among the ones buffed in the latest LoL patch.

Also, good news for the few Yuumi players out there — Yuumi’s bugs been fixed and the champion should play a lot better in the hands of newbies now, what with her abilities being made clearer and all.

With that said, here are the five most important things to know about the LoL patch 9.11.

1. Janna gets buffed

LoL Patch

I’m more than sure that Janna mains are more than happy about this, while a large number of Support mains will not be happy. We all know how hard it is to lane against a good Janna, and after the buff that she received, we can expect her to become a pain in the butt for the enemy ADC’s. Riot has decided that she needs to become more reliable as a shielding champ, rather than a poke mage. For that reason, her W (Zephyr) has lower cooldowns, before this patch it was 8 seconds in all levels, while now it decreases from 8 seconds to 6 seconds when it’s leveled up to the maximum.

The passive of her E (Eye Of The Storm) has received huge buffs, the first one being the lowered cooldowns, which were from 18 seconds to 10 when maxed, and now it’s 16 seconds to 12 when maxed. The second buff of Eye Of The Storm is the new passive, which lowers the cooldown on this ability by 20% every time that Janna knocks back or slows an enemy with her abilities. Let’s not forget about another important buff, she can shield more now, pre-patch it was from 70 to 210 damage, while now it is 80 to 220 damage.

2. Yuumi has plenty of bugs fixed

As we stated above, when Riot releases a new champ they expect that there will be bugs and the next patch, they usually fix them (unless you’re Yasuo).

Our favorite kitty in the rift has also seen some minor changes that make her more playable.

We’ve got to say that this champ has divided the entire player base into two sides, one side saying that it’s impossible to win a game with her on your team, and the other saying that she’s pretty OP and almost unkillable.

3. Zac is back (sort of)

LoL Patch

Let’s just say that Riot’s experiment with Zac’s ultimate has failed a little; they tried to make him a tank that will engage and cause a lot of trouble to the team’s backline, but that didn’t go as planned, for that reason, they decided to revert his ultimate to pre 7.9 patch. However, this isn’t the only change that Zac will be seeing, since both his Q (Stretching Strikes) and his W (Unstable Matter) has been tweaked a little.

4. Nerfs galore

LoL Patch

The LoL Patch 9.11 may be a relatively small patch, but it comes with a lot of changes to a plethora of champions. Master Yi was nerfed, and the same thin can be said about Rammus.

Champions such as Akali, Karthus, Jayce, Galio, and Ammu were nerfed as well.

We’re going to see soon enough how these changes will affect the player base in the coming weeks.

5. The fat man gets fatter

LoL Patch

Gragas has received some much-needed buffs after having some abysmal win rates. According to Op.gg, he is ranked 37 out of 40 when it comes to Jungle win rate. For that reason, buffing his early game may get him back to where he belongs.

The latest LoL patch tweaks his base stats a bit, increasing his health (583.5 to 600), health growth (89 to 95) and attack damage (61.4 to 64).

Only time will tell if these changes are enough to make Gragas more viable.

What do you think of changes in LoL patch 9.11? Do you agree that it was rather small for a mid-season patch? How do you think it will affect the current state of the meta? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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