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5 Hottest Questions Coming into 2018 EU LCS Summer Split - Esportsranks
5 Hottest Questions Coming into 2018 EU LCS Summer Split

The 2018 EU LCS Summer Split is here, and it seems only yesterday when we were speculating how the Spring season would go. Since then, the entire playing field has changed drastically. Teams that were once prevalent during the previous year were nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, rookie players on lesser celebrated teams took to the skies and completely demolished their peers. The EU LCS Spring season was unpredictable, to say the least.

However, it can surely give us some pointers as to where this season is headed. The most dominating team, Fnatic, had one advantage over the other teams. Their ADC, Rekkles, was able to solo carry a lot of their games to victory. But as we saw at the Midseason Invitational 2018, even that wasn’t enough to win an international tournament.

As the season starts, our heads are filled with questions about what’s to come, who’s going to come out on top, and are the underdogs going to make some plays this time?

Here’s everything we need to talk about, and hope it hypes you up for the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split.

Will the abysmal ADC meta affect Fnatic?

2018 EU LCS Summer Split

It’ll be interesting to see how Rekkles tries to adjust to the changes once the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split starts – via LoLesports Flickr

If you’ve been paying attention, the recent ADC changes in 8.11 have completely upset the game. ADCs are difficult to play due to Critical Strike items being far more expensive than they used to be. Riot’s reasoning behind the changes is that the ADC role had far too much of an early game impact. Coupled with their late-game dominance, their role had more responsibility than any other. Entire games were decided on how the bot lane performs throughout the game.

By increasing their item prices, ADC champions were given a delay on their power spikes. This effectively revoked the midgame dominance they wielded for so long. However, it also removed the Marksmen’s’ playability. Pros all around the world have stopped taking Marksmen into the bot lane, opting instead for bruisers like Irelia, Jax, and Mordekaiser.

Of course, Fnatic have their option to switch their attention to Caps. He showed a lot of promise at MSI 2018 and the Spring Split. He’s often carried in Rekkles’ place, and could easily be the rallying point for the team. Rekkles could easily remain the shot caller for the team for the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split, with the only difference being that the team pools their gold into Caps so he can carry the team before the game goes late.

How Amazing Will Amazing Be?

2018 EU LCS Summer Split

Amazing has a chance to carry Schalke to victory and make history – via LoLesports Flickr

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider has quite a history in the League of Legends pro scene. Last season, he became an analyst for the EU LCS, and has given valuable insight into how the players were performing. His analysis has been level-headed, and always interesting to listen to. His criticisms of the game and various players have generally been respected, but now it’s his turn to be on the receiving end.

Schalke 04 has had a terrible Spring season. Only towards the end did they begin to show promise, but by then it was too late to make a difference. The margin by which they lost was never huge. Their main problem was mostly not being able to match the macro plays of their opponents. This is where Amazing comes in to help. He’s got the wealth of experience needed to tackle such problems with ease. He can definitely take over the shot calling position, and give Schalke the morale boost it needed last season.

Schalke 04 could be something very different from what we saw back in Spring. They’ve got a new roster and new leadership. It’s a matter of time before we see if they deserve any hype, but for now, we’re hopeful of their performance in the upcoming 2018 EU LCS Summer Split.

Can Team Vitality Make a Comeback?

2018 EU LCS Summer Split

Vitality are pumped for the new season. Can they deliver? – via LoLesports Flickr

When the Spring season started, Vitality took the entire region by storm. Jiizuke, who’s successfully secured the title of the Italian Stallion due to how incredible he was in the first few matches, became a force to be reckoned with. As the season progressed, it became clear that there wasn’t a single carry the team converged towards. Team Vitality were versatile in their playstyle and did anything they needed to in order to win.

This includes all sorts of mechanical outplays on top of macro ones. Minitroupax, now known as Attila, was the first ADC this year to take Teleport instead of Heal and ended up winning a difficult match for his team. However, as time drew on, Vitality became less intimidating as a team. Their competition began showing more promise, and Vitality’s aggressive plays weren’t as effective as they were at one point. This went on till Vitality couldn’t even make it past the semifinals.

Now, Vitality have another chance to show the world that they still have what it takes to dominate the scene once more. The team is filled with members who clearly work hard and are determined, and most importantly, are really confident. Even though they didn’t go as far as they’d like last time, they were still happy with their progress as a team.

With their mentality, coupled with their great coach, they can surely make their mark on the EU LCS this season, and might even represent their region in Worlds.

Will the Unicorns of Love Get Back Up?

eu lcs summer 2018 uol

The Unicorns have had a rough year so far. Can that change? – via LoLesports Flickr

The Unicorns were by far the most disappointing team of the EU LCS split last season, if not the entire world. They went from being one of the most recognized and top-tier teams to one of the absolute lowest in a matter of months. SKT and UOL really need to share their secret on how they’ve managed to achieve such a feat. However, unlike UOL, SKT did manage to make it past the group stage in Korea.

As for UOL, they were unable to make any comebacks. Throughout the split, they remained near the bottom of the ladder. The few victories they managed to snatch towards the end of the group stage held little meaning. They lost everything they had in a single season. It’s not that other teams didn’t lose their prestige and win streak – Misfits didn’t do too well either. However, when it came to UOL, we were almost certain for every game that they would lose.

Last season, we kept speculating whether Unicorns of Love could get back up again. However, they never did. They lost in the worst possible ways, even to the lowest tier teams in the region. We’re going to stick to the pattern that this team has given us. We don’t think UOL will be making a comeback this season. They didn’t have any major roster changes unlike Schalke 04. If they do what they did last season, with no surprises for the other teams, they’re surely going to lose.

Who does the current meta favor in 2018 EU LCS Summer Split?

eu lcs summer 2018 perkz

Perkz could really take off in this meta if he plays his cards right – via LoLesports Flickr

Definitely not Fnatic. As mentioned, this team will take the hardest hit due to their playstyle. They’re used to focusing on getting their ADC ahead, which in turn carries them to victory. Teams with more versatile playstyles have a far better chance at victory.

This is where G2 and Vitality come in. They’ve shown much better adaptability in their playstyle and can rely on players other than their ADC in order to win. Perkz and Jiizuke have shown a tendency to carry whenever they can, and although Caps can do the same, Fnatic’s focus has always been Rekkles. Vitality and G2 can easily focus on their mid and top lanes, and snowball to victory.

If the LPL has been any indicator, Marksmen champions aren’t even a part of the meta anymore, which is a real problem for Rekkles. At the time of writing, Rekkles isn’t even in the top 15 players on the EUW server. This is rare because he’s always grinding for the top spot. The meta currently favors the likes of Vitality, G2, and possibly even Giants, who’ve shown a willingness to abuse niche strategies to gain quick wins (especially team fight related ones).

What do you think of our analysis about how 2018 EU LCS Summer Split is looking right now? Do you have other questions you’d like for us to delve into? Let us know in the comments below!

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