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2019 LCK Spring Week 3 Recap: Team Griffin Remain Unstoppable - Esportsranks
2019 LCK Spring Week 3 Recap: Team Griffin Remain Unstoppable

2019 LCK Spring Week 3 was quite fun to watch. For starters, we saw Team Griffin’s once seemingly impenetrable armor show some cracks. Even if they did end up winning both of their series, including the one where they dropped a game against SANDBOX Gaming, it was still nice to see that they’re not unbeatable. Now, LCK fans from all over the world can breathe easy knowing that Team Griffin are, just like every other team, human.

Of course, hyperbole’s aside, we also saw Kingzone DragonX show that they can still compete with the best of them. Meanwhile, DAMWON Gaming are starting to show who they really are — a team of rookies that still have a lot to learn regarding what it takes to win at this level of competition.

Jin Air Green Wings have definitely been the biggest disappointment so far, and nothing they did in 2019 LCK Spring Week 3 helped change that. They’re clearly missing their former players and are free falling fast. KT Rolster did well, or at least, what was expected of them, and finally, SKT telecom T1, for all their starpower, didn’t really look great against Team Griffin, losing their series in the worst way imaginable.

2019 LCK Spring Week 3 Meta Recap

2019 LCK Spring Week 3

Lucian remained a popular pick in 2019 LCK Spring Week 3, along with Cassiopeia.

When it comes to the current meta, we can freely say that things have remained the same. Cassiopeia is still a pick or ban champion, and it is mostly banned. Lucian has also stayed up there with Cassiopeia and has been a favorite pick throughout the first three weeks of the split. Aatrox and Urgot remain favorites, and I don’t expect them to fall off from the meta because they can still offer a little bit of everything, especially Aatrox since with his ult he can engage and remain alive for the rest of the team fight.

Akali has seen a lot of action, and her win rate is impressive right now with 59 percent while Ezreal has the highest damage per minute with 651 damage and has been present in 75 percent of the matches played on this split so far. As always, LCK never stops at providing us with new viable picks at different positions. This time, it was the Jarvan support. Although it had mixed success in the four games it was picked, there’s some sound logic behind the experimentation.

Because Jarvan is an “all-in” type of champion, he throws away any chance of mobility to trap carries and force them to use the flash to escape. By playing the champion as a support and buying a Stopwatch, turning it into Zhonya’s Hourglass later on, Jarvan would use his ultimate to trap and enemy with him while he lets his teammates do all of the rest.

2019 LCK Spring Week 3 Current Standings

2019 LCK Spring Week 3

Griffin remains at the top of the table after having beaten both SKT and Sandbox Gaming.

While the SKT series proved to be quite easy for them, the Sandbox series was a real challenge for them. Having seen Griffin play against the best teams that LCK has to offer, I find it very hard to believe that they will be losing a series any time soon. On the other hand, SANDBOX Gaming clearly have a lot more work to do if they want to keep staying right up there along with SKT and Team Griffin.

Kingzone DragonX had a great week, as they won the series against Damwon gaming and Gen G, dropping only one game throughout. DAMWON Gaming and Hanwha Life Esports seem to have lost their respective sparks and posted disappointing results in Week 3.

As for KT Rolster and Gen.G, these two teams have yet to find any semblance of consistency, and they’ll have to improve on that if they want to challenge the top teams of the LCK.

The Best and Worst Performers of 2019 LCK Spring Week 3

The Best Performers

2019 LCK Spring Week 3

If Kingzone DragonX can build on their success from 2019 LCK Spring Week 3, they’ll be knocking on Team Griffin’s doors sooner than most people expected. (Kingzone DragonX)

Kingzone DragonX definitely deserves some props for what they did in 2019 LCK Spring Week 3. After looking pretty much dead at the start of the split, they put in the work and grinded themselves back into the top 4. Even if their wins haven’t been the prettiest, what’s important is that they won, especially since one of their wins came at the expense of DAMWON Gaming, who all expected would stomp them.

Their Mid-laner Heo “PawN” Won-seok said that he still believes to be among the top three Mid-laners in LCK and he wants to prove it by defeating SKT on their next match-up. To see if they are serious about their comeback they will have to show up against SKT telecom T1 this Wednesday and their second series of the week will be against Hanwha and I expect them to defeat them with ease.

But, then again, as much as Kingzone DragonX could win both of their games next week, it wouldn’t really come off as a surprise if they ended up going 0-2 either.

The Worst Performers

2019 LCK Spring Week 3

Having gone 0-6 (and 1-12 in games), it’s near impossible to find any positives in Jin Air Greenwings’ performance through 2019 LCK Spring Week 3. (Jin Air Greenwings)

Jin Air Green Wings have had another terrible week by losing both of the series. The first series was painful to watch as they struggled to put up a fight against Afreeca Freecs and the second series was the same story with the same result, as they got outclassed against Hanwha Life. Hanwha outplayed Jin Air in every sense of the game and made them look like like a bunch of players randomly selected from the solo queue in the Korean server rather than professional players that have synergy.

I want to emphasize the poor showing of one player, in particular, Lee “Grace” Chan-ju whose performances have been atrocious this week. Against Afreeka Freecs he went 2/5/8 on Lissandra and 1/5/0 on Zoe. The second series of the week was against Hanwha Life, and there Grace managed to have a better individual performance, this time he went 2/2/3 on Sion and 2/4/1 on Urgot. Grace will face Sandbox gaming, and this will be another hard test for him. The second series will be against Damwon, and despite the poor form that they have shown the past week, Damwon still has what it takes to defeat Jin Air without any difficulties.

Final thoughts

LCK continues to provide us with highly entertaining and action-packed series through 2019 LCK Spring Week 3. Case in point, the heavyweight tilt between Team Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming definitely delivered. To say that it kept us on the edge of our seats is probably fitting. But, at the end of it all, we saw Team Griffin stake its claim as the top dogs of the LCK, and no one has yet to come close to making them move from their perch. 

Up against KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs next week, expect Team Griffin to keep on soaring.

Of course, the split is still far from over, and we’ll need to see some results from them first. If they can truly dominate domestically until the end of the season, they’ll have a few more believers. However, if they want to prove themselves, they’ll need to take on international competition and come away with the trophy.

To do that, Team Griffin will have to stave off SK telecom T1, who, despite already embarrassing them in their previous match up, remain, in the eyes of many, the best bet that LCK has against what the rest of the world has to offer. 

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