2019 EU LCS Rosters: 10 Rising Talents to Watch Out For

We focused in on the rising talents that have stood out in the minor leagues that could potentially land themselves a spot in any one of the 2019 EU LCS rosters once the offseason ends.

The most important League event of the year has come to an end. Invictus Gaming walked out as the victors, leaving other teams with no choice but to find ways to improve this offseason.

While there are few competitions during this period, the pause between two seasons means that there are going to be lots of free agents in the lookout for open spots at the 2019 EU LCS rosters. This is especially true for the EU LCS, where the new franchise system signals the influx of both new organizations and new investors.

Although most orgs will likely resort to veteran talent, the European scene has plenty of talented players in the regional and minor leagues that only need a chance to prove themselves.

Today, we focused on the players who have stood out in the smaller leagues and who, we believe, are poised to get picked up and be added to the 2019 EU LCS rosters and take over the league in the next couple of years.


2019 EU LCS Rosters

Talented, driven, and experienced, it’s only a matter of time before Werlyb finds himself back in the LCS. (Mad Lions EC)

Jorge “Werlyb” Casanovas

The veteran rock of the MAD Lions team in the toplane, Werlyb has high chances of playing in the LCS next year. The MAD Lions have dominated the Spanish scene this year and last year the only resistance to them was the core of Giants that went on to become part of Vitality. He has a very balanced champion pool and regarding experience, he has already played in the LCS under the banner of Giants. A known Jax player that doesn’t dominate lane too often but can create small advantages for himself, he is usually responsible for the team’s engage on champions like Maokai and Jarvan and he lights the map on fire.

Sergen “Brokenblade” Celik

Brokenblade is a member of the Turkish Royal Bandits squad that narrowly missed out on qualifying for Worlds this year. He is an innately aggressive laner that dominates matchups in CS and prefers counterpicks to achieve this. He has played Kennen top as an off-meta pick but he was also quick to adapt to the Irelia-Aatrox-Urgot trio that was strong in the top lane. Another merit of hims is his calculated playstyle where he demands few resources but still has a large impact on the game. This playstyle is close to the LCS style and he will surely be considered given the rather shallow talent depth at the lower-tier LCS teams.


2019 EU LCS Rosters

A high-elo player, Kirei’s long-awaited breakout might just come after he fills up a spot for the upcoming 2019 EU LCS rosters. (Dark Passage)

Oscar “Selfmade” Bogdan

This is the second member of the MAD Lions that we meet.  He is a dominating presence in the jungle that likes to build farm advantages but does not stop providing for his lanes. He has looked comfortable on many different picks, from the scaling Graves to early game junglers like Taliyah, Skarner, Camille. This leads to him clearing fast and having a tempo advantage on his opponent. While his self-sufficient lanes usually make his job easy, his synergy with Nemesis is at a very high level and this showed when they won EU Masters this Summer split.

Thomas “Kirei” Kirei

A high-elo player that never had the chance to prove himself at the highest level, Kirei played in Turkey this year. Despite the numerous substitutions, he still managed to establish himself as one of the best junglers of the lot. His high damage values as well as the control that he provided for the team was essential for the results of Dark Passage.

Instead of other statistics, we will just state the following fact; his Kindred was banned in almost half the games. The enemy teams kept targeting him with Taliyah, Graves and Nocturne being banned in more than 25% of the games.


Tim “Nemesis” Lipovsek

Another newcomer in the Lol scene, Nemesis with Selfmade are regarded as a LCS-level duo. He dominated almost all matchups in the LVP with an average CSD at 15 minutes of 10 creeps. He also has a wide champion pool having played 17 champions during the Summer Split. Champions that scale well into the late game, like Ryze, Kassadin, Corki and his signature Azir are his most comfortable picks. His synergy with the jungle and the way he transfers advantages to other lanes show that he is ready to step in the big leagues. The ridiculous 22 solo kills are a bonus.

Emil “Larssen” Larsson

Larssen is another young player that has been high-elo for a while. While he made his LCS debut this season with H2K (as a sub), he will have to fight for a LCS position once again. A staple player in the UK, Larssen managed to play in NiP and make a name for himself internationally. At EUM, he was ahead in CS in 9 out of his 10 games against strong opposition (including 3 games against Nemesis) and he manages to control the midlane in any matchup. Even in losses, he was a major pressure point for his team. His comfort picks are Kassadin, Anivia and his pocket pick is Fizz, so you should be prepared for flashy plays.


2019 EU LCS Rosters

If Jeskla lands himself a spot in the 2019 EU LCS rosters, he’ll finally have the platform he needs to showcase his skills and talent. (Movistar.Riders)

Jesper “Jeskla” Klarin

Despite strong showings, the rookie botlaner for Movistar Riders has not yet made a name for himself internationally. He destroyed lanes in the LVP both in CS difference (1st) and in damage output (2nd). Overall, he was  a stepping stone of the MRS line-up since MRS could always base their win condition on him. He led them to an impressive regular season, despite falling in playoffs to MAD Lions. Despite playing relatively weak laners like Kai’sa and Kogmaw, he still managed to have over 10 CS per minute; the talent is undoubtedly there, it just needs to be noticed.

Jus “Crownshot” Marusic

The botlaner of MAD Lions has been playing for longer than most of the persons in this list. However, he has been slowly garnering attention. He can both carry and be a utility player for his team, as his champion preferences indicate. In the LVP, he was second in laning only to Jesklaa and his flexibility makes him a valuable addition to any roster. His dependability on not being a weakness for the team is also an important aspect of his gameplay; even with champions like Kai’sa and Ashe this is apparent.


2019 EU LCS Rosters

During H1iva’s brief tenure on the roster, Ninjas in Pyjamas were unafraid to experiment with picks. (ESL LoL)

Aleksi “H1iva” Kaikonnen

H1iva was an analyst for Misfits Gaming during the previous season and was part of the unsuccessful Origen squad of 2017. Afterwards, he landed on the successful NiP roster but now he is a free agent. He likes playing tank supports like Braum and Alistar but also playmakers like Thresh and Leona. Having been an analyst for a year, his shotcalling should still be crisp. Case in point ,while playing in Ninjas in Pyjamas, the team introduced some of the most interesting strategic innovations like playing Ziggs in the botlane and laneswaps.

There can be many doubts regarding his ability to play at the LCS since he is no youngster anymore. Still, he is probably the most experienced and talented support outside the LCS at this moment.

Erik “Treatz” Wessen

He is playing for the French side of Gentside and he is arguably the most important reason for their improvement. They managed to reach quarterfinals at EU Masters, only to be knocked out by MAD Lions. His style of control and his penchant for counter matchups lead to dominant lanes that snowball the whole map. He prefers ranged champions like Morgana and his Rakan is fearsome. However, he can play tanks like Braum and Alistar and with some more flexibility, he could make his LCS debut.

Potential Pick Ups for 2019 EU LCS Rosters

The 2019 EU LCS rosters are bound to be different from what we’ve seen last season. Not only will the players not be the same, but the teams won’t be either. Some of the organizations, like Giants and Unicorns of Love, for example, have already announced that they will not be taking part in the new EU LCS franchise.

With new orgs likely coming in to take a spot, the chance of new players to get picked up just increased exponentially, and these players we rounded up are the front-runners for these said positions.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it on any one of the 2019 EU LCS rosters. Regardless, be sure to keep an eye on them. You definitely will not be disappointed.

Which of these players do you think will get picked up and be added to one of the official 2019 EU LCS rosters? Do you think we missed out on a couple of names? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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