2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4: Odds, Analysis, Preview

It’s clear that the League of Legends world has completely changed as we approach 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4. Korea, once the most dominating region of them all, is now not even close to being the best. They’re down at the bottom of the competing regions, barely better than North America.

We contemplated whether NA would do better this year, and so far the answer seems to be a solid ‘no’. NA teams have made some spectacular fails, and we doubt things are getting much better from this point onwards. However, let’s talk about 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4:

Match of the Day: kt Rolster vs EDG

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4

Deft isn’t letting down during this year. He’ll be one hell of a challenge for Chinese teams. (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Betting: kt Rolster to win at 1.43 odds (via ArcaneBet)

China will finally go up against Korea, and we’ll get a glimpse into which region is stronger. Of course, the match up is somewhat unfair as we’re pitting the best Korea has to offer against the LPL’s third seed, but looking at how both regions have been performing so far, it’s almost a fair comparison.

KT Rolster has had an exceptional performance so far. They’ve won every match they’ve participated in, and so have EDG. However, EDG have had to face some rough spots along the way. It was highly uncertain whether they could contain MAD team, and won only once iBoy made some incredibly daring and risky plays without which they would have lost.

Right now, we’re thinking kt Rolster should be able to handle EDG. Their playstyle is nothing like the rest of the LCK teams, and they have no problems going aggressive from the very start.

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4: Must Watch Matches

doublelift 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4

Doublelift hasn’t been doing too well so far. Can that change in 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4?

G2 Esports vs Flash Wolves

Betting: Flash Wolves to win at 1.28 odds (via ArcaneBet)

G2 Esports are one of the most interesting teams in the whole array fighting for the Summoner’s Cup. They started off extremely weak in the play-ins, and analysts expected them to perform poorly in the group stage.

However, they completely turned the tables during their face off against Afreeca Freecs, a team thought to be far superior. Since then, it’s been up in the air whether this team is ready to make it past the group stage or not. 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4 will make it clear how strong this team really is. Flash Wolves are among the better teams attending the tournament – and given they aren’t standing with legendary teams like IG or RNG, they’ll make worthy opponents.

We think Flash Wolves will be able to overpower G2 since they’ve been far more consistent.

Team Liquid vs MAD

Betting: MAD to win at 3.04 odds (via ArcaneBet)

NA needs to start winning. If things keep going the way they are now, the region won’t even make it past the group stage as a whole, which is nothing short of mildly embarrassing.

Now, 100 Thieves will be facing Invictus Gaming, and there’s no chance in a hundred years that they’ll be able to win the match. It all falls down to Team Liquid to prove that the region still has spirit left (not the player). MAD’s performance been shaky and inconsistent, which makes them the perfect target for Liquid to practice on.

As of now, we think MAD are still going to win, since they’ve held their own far more gracefully than Liquid.

What do you think about the way NA teams are performing? Do you think they’ve got what it takes to make it out of groups? Do you think G2 Esports will make a comeback in 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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