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2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1: Odds, Analysis, Preview - Esportsranks
2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1: Odds, Analysis, Preview

It’s time to get excited, people! The best League of Legends teams from all around the world are going to face off at last, and we’ve super curious as to how they’ll perform. 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1 will see expectations met, hype justified, and perhaps some extremely disappointed fans from some regions (cough, NA).

There’s no telling if NA will perform poorly, however. We aren’t too hopeful when it comes to EU either, since G2 Esports is up there against Afreeca Freecs, and G2 simply haven’t been performing to their anticipated level of play recently. They barely got to Worlds, and it’s somewhat clear that Schalke 04 would have made a better EU representative at Worlds 2018.

However, we shouldn’t start losing hope in them just yet. Let’s give them the margin of a single game before coming down on them with all the judgement we’ve got.

All betting odds courtesy of ArcaneBet.

The Western Teams Are in Trouble

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1

It’s all on Sneaky to carry his team during the 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1 (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Unless miracles are performed, we really don’t see a way for any of the 4 western teams performing tomorrow succeeding one way or another. They’re all up against the juggernauts of their own respective regions, and although the western teams are the best that their regions have to offer, let’s not sugarcoat the facts here. We’re well aware of the fact that western teams have been having major difficulty battling against their eastern counterparts.

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1: Favourite Teams

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1

Uzi is looking take the Summoner’s Cup this year (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

There are plenty of powerhouses playing during the first day of the main event, but we’re going to stand by our predictions. Royal Never Give Up still looks to be the best team in the world right now, and we doubt that Cloud 9 will be able to do virtually anything to change our perspective on the matter.

The matches are simple best of ones, and there’s no way for any of the teams to make a comeback from a loss. Such quick matches are often sources of cheese strategies and hardcore surprises, especially early game ones that we’re accustomed to seeing from FNC.

RNG vs Cloud 9

Betting: RNG to win at 1.21 odds (via ArcaneBet)

Regardless, we doubt Cloud 9 will be able to win using any such methods. They’re the team who’ve looked really good out of all the teams in Worlds from their region. However, the raw strength and skill gap between RNG and C9 is just beyond anything that we believe C9 can close – not now, and not for the remainder of the year.

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1: Match of the Day

kt Rolster vs Team Liquid

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1

Doublelift may have won the NA LCS Summer split, but how well can he perform against Deft? (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Betting: kt Rolster to win at 1.22 odds (via ArcaneBet)

There’s no better way for NA to prove us wrong about what we said about the western teams that to defeat kt Rolster and wow every League of Legends fan. This is the chance that Team Liquid have been given. The main even debuts at 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1 with Team Liquid going head to head with kt Rolster, and we’ll get a nice overview of just how good Team Liquid is.

Liquid managed to defeat everyone locally without too much of a challenge. It’s time for them to show us that winning the NA LCS summer split means something. That the regional trophy has worth and isn’t just a trinket.

kt Rolster Are Too Strong

However, they’ve got one of the most daunting teams at Worlds in their way. We’ve never really seen kt Rolster attending Worlds before, which is why we’re highly curious as to what their playstyle will be, and how well they’ll perform against other teams. They’re among the favorites to win the tournament outright.

KT Rolster have been struggling to get to Worlds for an extended period of time. Their victory in the LCK summer split was historic and quite emotional. There’s no telling just how pumped up this team is, but we’ve got a hunch that they’re going to want to show the world that they mean business.

When is comes to an overall skill difference, we’re siding with kt Rolster. There’s no way that Team Liquid is able to face this team in the state they’re in now. We’re hoping that Liquid will make us eat our words – that’ll surely make the tournament far more exciting. However, if we’re being serious, we’ll have to admit in all honesty that we think kt Rolster will smash Team Liquid into absolute oblivion.

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1: Must Watch Matches

2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1

G2 is headed for a rough 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1 (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

Other than the RNG vs Cloud 9 and kt Rolster vs Team Liquid matches that we’ve already mentioned, there are two more that you shouldn’t miss if you’ve got the opportunity to watch them:

Afreeca Freecs vs G2 Esports

Betting: Afreeca Freecs to win at 1.20 odds (via ArcaneBet)

As stated, G2 are not looking good so far. They almost didn’t make it to the group stage, which is saying a lot since they’re one of the best teams that Europe has. Right now, it seems like they’ll be a major let down for their fans, although that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The difference between G2’s abysmal summer split and now is that Perkz isn’t solo carrying his team. That couldn’t be said a few weeks ago, which is why there’s a sliver of hope yet for this team during the 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1.

Afreeca aren’t going to go down easy, though. In fact, we don’t think they’ll go down at all, because they’re looking far better than G2 right now. They’ve had quite the satisfying summer split in the LCK and are composed and collected. If they play this one right, there’s no way that G2 will have anything on them.

Gen.G vs Vitality

Betting: Gen.G to win at 1.20 odds (via ArcaneBet)

Vitality made it to Worlds with a brand-new roster in their first year of appearance. That’s quite an accomplishment. Unfortunately, their luck stops right there for now as they face off against Gen.G tomorrow.

Gen.G have some of the most international experience out of all the League teams. Lest we forget, this is still the team that won Worlds last year. Even though they’ve lost the wind in their sales this year, or so to speak, they’re still the same monsters and they displayed that in full during their miracle run in the LCK this split after taking down 2 of the best teams their region had to offer.

Vitality has the best chances of victory out of all the western teams in 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1. If they win, it’ll be really heart-lifting for EU. However, if we’re blunt, we’ll have to go with Gen.G taking this one neatly and cleanly.

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What do you think about our predictions for 2018 Worlds Group Stage Day 1? Do you think western teams are as hopeless as we’re making them out to be? Let us know in the comment section below!

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