What We Learned From 2018 Summer LCK Week 7

2018 Summer LCK Week 7 was the penultimate week of the LCK Summer Split before the playoffs.

So far, it’s been an uneventful split, if we ignore the rise of Team Griffin. 2018 Summer LCK Week 7 was not an exception. While we did see Jin Air upsetting Team Griffin, at this point, the win didn’t really much anymore.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from 2018 Summer LCK Week 7.

SKT Are Out of the Competition

2018 Summer LCK Week 7

SKT have had a long run, but it might be over for them. For now, at least – Image via yong woo ‘kenzi’ kim Flickr

We’ve been talking about SKT for months now. They’ve been going downhill ever since Worlds 2017, and it seems like they’re having the biggest post-Worlds hangover ever. They made some levels of effort to get back in the game, and they even worked to a degree. They made their way to Rift Rivals, but it was painfully obvious that they didn’t belong there. Here’s something else that’s painfully obvious: SKT doesn’t belong in the LCK Summer playoffs.

They were kicked off the table by Afreeca Freecs, another team who’s looking to make it far this year. It’s a different experience – to not see SKT completely destroying other teams, but to be on the receiving end. However, they had this coming for a long time. We believe their troubles started ever since they recruited Thal for the top lane, which spurred the chain of events that lead us to the present.

Right now, SKT have the option of winning the regional qualifiers and still making it to Worlds 2018. However, that’s highly unlikely. Unlike last year, SKT doesn’t even come close to the performance displayed by the top teams in the region.

For now, even if they make it to Worlds, they’ll do nothing but ruin Korea’s chances of winning the World Cup.

Teddy Is One of the best ADCs in the LCK

2018 Summer LCK Week 7

Teddy is playing out of his mind this split – Image via yong woo ‘kenzi’ kim Flickr

Jin Air GreenWings is a bottom tier team that’s facing the risk of relegation. A layman would be forgiven for thinking that the entire team lacked the skill to perform well. That, however, isn’t entirely true. Jin Air’s ADC, Teddy, has really taken off in 2018 Summer LCK Week 7. He carried so hard that even Griffin, the top team of the region, had to succumb to them.

In the current meta, Marksmen aren’t treated with the same respect as they once were. Comps can easily work without them. However, Teddy wasn’t fazed by this. During two very noticeable games, he completely took off on his Jhin and Caitlyn. He played on another level, making the underrated Marksmen appear overpowered.

He’s got one of the best forms we’ve seen on a player in the region, and we’re sure he’s got a good future ahead of him. A player with his skills won’t be shut down due to his team. We’re certain he’ll either find his true place in the region once his team reforms, or once he finds a better one. We’re looking forward to what he can bring to the table once he’s in the hands of a more competent team.

Kingzone Is Back in the Game

2018 Summer LCK Week 7

Kingzone look ready to take over the region once more – Image via yong woo ‘kenzi’ kim FlickrWith a complete sweep over the region in 2018 Summer LCK Week 7, we can see that Kingzone is ready to make a grab for the top spot again. This is great, because Griffin have been looking weak recently. If Kingzone can somehow make it so, that they clean sweep their upcoming games, they could easily become the top team in the region.

Their victory against bbq Olivers showed that they aren’t afraid to go aggressive. This is important, because the LCK is plagued with teams that thrive on patient, calculated games. Surprisingly aggressive plays have often thrown top teams off balance, and Kingzone could be the team to do it next week.

Monopoly Over the LCK

2018 Summer LCK Week 7

The top teams in the LCK are in a league of their own – Image via yong woo ‘kenzi’ kim Flickr

The region is lacking when it comes to excitement. The top teams have literally no competition and are simply squabbling amongst themselves for the top spot. Things might get interesting one we get close to the finals, but before then, there’s really not much to see. The top 4 teams, which are Gen.G, Kingzone DragonX, Griffin and kt Rolster, are miles ahead of their competition. That leaves Afreeca Freecs and Hanwha Life Esports to fight for the remaining spot for the playoffs.

We’re hoping to see more excitement after the promotions are complete for this season, when we’ll get some more competition in the region. Upsets like the ones we’ve recently seen in the EU LCS are great for increasing the overall skill level of the region.

What did you think of 2018 Summer LCK Week 7? Do you think Kingzone has what it takes to win two splits consecutively? Let us know in the comments below!

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