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2018 Spring Split EU LCS Week 5 Preview - Can Jiizuke Carry? - Esportsranks
2018 Spring Split EU LCS Week 5 Preview – Can Jiizuke Carry?

Our vote was with Vitality since the very start of the 2018 Spring Split EU LCS. Even though we didn’t know if they’d come this far, we wanted them to outperform their peers. Their main star, Jiizuke, is living up to his expectations thus far. He’s made outplays after outplays but knows that this isn’t a one man show. He believes and trusts in his team and hasn’t always been the carry.

Jiizuki and his Teammates

Jiizuke hasn’t been let down by his team either. Every player on Team Vitality have played immaculately and impeccably. Gilius is arguably the best jungler in the region as of now, and he only looks like he wants to tighten his dominion over other teams. His ganks are always spot on, and he knows when to play aggressively.

It’s not like Gilius was always perfect. He did mess up in the match against ROCCAT in which Momento was able to steal two Barons in a row. When Gilius fell, his team was there to support him. This is the same with Jiizuke. When he can’t carry his team, his team fills in the gap and starts carrying. Cabochard almost always wins the top lane, and Gilius tries and gets him a winning lane most of the time.

Team Vitality’s main strength lies in Jiizuke’s shot calling. They listen to what he says, and everyone follows him without any objections. This makes their gameplay and playstyle extremely coordinated and focused, which is why they’ve outshone every team in the region so far. This week, Vitality has only one match to worry about, and that’s against G2 Esports.

Jiizuke needs to do anything he must to win this match. If Vitality can come out on top against the rising team that is G2, they can do anything, including taking down Misfits in the next game against them. By now, Misfits have shown a lot of weakness, and if Vitality has been paying attention at all, they’ll know how to exploit these weaknesses. We’ll know if Jiizuke’s shot calling is going to continue like it’s going. For now, with a 7-1 win-loss ratio, they’re looking like the most certain team to win this season’s playoffs.

The Biggest Threats to Jiizuke

Ryze Nerfs

Jiizuke performs amazingly on his Ryze, who’s getting a nerf in pro play heading into Week 5 of the 2018 Spring Split EU LCS. He can no longer statis and ult at the same time – meaning that if he tries such a thing, he’ll stay in place and won’t be teleported. That could make for some very awkward situations. However, from what we’ve seen, Jiizuke didn’t even need to use the Stopwatch and ult combo that much. He has the champion down so solidly, he can probably still carry on Ryze.

Jiizuke doesn’t play as well on his Azir, though. Other than Ryze, he’s impressed us a lot with his Malzahar, but it’s important that he gets to pick Ryze. Seeing that he’s been nerfed, opponents might just make the mistake of not banning him out.

The Perkz and Jankos Combo

It’s often the case that Perkz gets ganked by Jankos, putting him ahead of his opponent after a nice, cheesy kill. Perkz is formidable enough on his own, being one of the most mechanically gifted players in the region. This week, Perkz will be the mountain that Jiizuke needs to climb. If he can pull that off, he’ll have paved the path to success for himself and his entire team.

Jiizuke and Gilius are nothing to trifle with, though. Perkz will have to be careful because the Jiizuke-Gilius combo could come faster than Jankos could handle. So far, Gilius has proven himself to be a capable jungler, so Jiizuke should be at ease when it comes to this match up.

The Heavy Favourites

A lot of our underrated teams have started making a name for themselves. If they keep playing like they have until now, they might just make a permanent name this 2018 Spring Split EU LCS.


Sure, this team isn’t considered one of the best. However, their playstyle shows true potential. They’ve really given every team they met a run for their money during the last couple of weeks. At first, they didn’t really have an idea of what they were doing, but they finally seem to have gotten the hang of it.

Their aim is always to safely scale up to the late game, and that meta is working perfectly for now. ROCCAT have an amazing play at the macro level. This team may go even further this week.

2. Giants

The Giant’s truly surprised us last week in Week 4 of the 2018 Spring Split EU LCS. They surpassed teams they weren’t supposed to. In fact, they made the Misfit’s look like amateurs, and only due to one easy teamfight. They love 5v5 comps and aren’t afraid of taking anyone on.

3. Vitality

This one doesn’t need any explanation. Jiizuke, the Italian Stallion along with the rest of his crew are out for blood. They’ve adapted to every playstyle they needed to thus far, and it’s probable that this trend will continue. No matter what comes their way, they simply get back up again. It’s time for them to make their name known across the globe now.

Winning Picks for Day 1

Splyce vs. Giants

Prediction: Giants win

Odds: 1.84 (Giants) – 1.90 (Splyce)

Giants shouldn’t have any difficulties in taking this one away. Splyce isn’t a bad team at all, but they haven’t stood out like Giants have so far. This match will obviously be the decider of which team is actually better, but speculation suggests that Giants should win this one.

Giants have a knack for knowing which champions they want to pick. In essence, they ensure that they’ll win before the game even starts. Even in their recent defeat against Fnatic, they lost only because Fnatic snowballed much harder than they had anticipated. They had the right idea with the draft.


Prediction:  ROCCAT win

Odds: 1.34 (ROCCAT) – 3.08 (H2K)

ROCCAT is yet another rising star in Europe, and we’re investing trust in this team. H2K, by this point, are just target practice in this region. They haven’t shown us any special plays, and save for a few loses which were close, they’ve sorely disappointed us. This game should easily go over to ROCCAT.


Prediction: MSF  win

Odds: 1.30 (MSF) – 3.35 (UOL)

At the start of the season, we thought that UOL could recover from their bad initial games. UOL made sure to prove us wrong, and are the worst team in Europe so far, sharing the last place on the ladder with H2K.

MSF have had a far better game than them until now, and we doubt that UOL will start performing miracles at this point. This is especially true since MSF themselves have lost a few games and are looking for ways to improve their game. Even if UOL tries to change their style and compete, chances are that MSF will be one step ahead of them. MSF should win this match without any complications.

Vitality vs. G2 Esports

Prediction:  Vitality win

Odds: 1.73 (Vitality) – 2.03 (G2)

Sjokz’s poll is heavily in the favor of Vitality 

The fourth match of the day is miles more interesting that the rest. G2 have started a steady rise to the top, just as they had predicted. They’ve begun reclaiming their former position as we had expected from them (and UOL, but they failed).

This match will mainly be about Perkz and Jiizuke, and will be a deciding factor between which mid laner is better. Victory during this laning phase will be a huge boost in ego for the victor, and we’re thinking it’ll be Jiizuke.

Vitality, on the other hand, have never looked better. They’re on a rampage, and they don’t have any intent of stopping. From the players’ interviews, we can gather that they understand that relaxing right now is akin to suicide as a team. They’re trying harder than ever and are perhaps already looking to storm the international stage. As mentioned above, Jiizuke will need to call the right shots and lead his team onward.

Schalke 04 vs. Fnatic

Prediction:  Fnatic win

Odds: 1.66 (Fnatic) – 2.13 (Schalke 04) 

We placed our faith in S04 last week in their match against G2 Esports, but S04 failed. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good team. They simply got outperformed by G2. Schalke is one of those teams that has shown that they can surprise just about any team playing in the 2018 Spring Split EU LCS.

However, Fnatic at this point is looking to rise just like G2. They’ll put up one hell of a match and will do everything in their power to end up victorious. They’ve developed the necessary momentum and will probably sweep Schalke in this match.


The situation is looking great for Jiizuke and the rest of Vitality heading into Week 5 of 2018 Spring Split EU LCS. They have a unique, adaptive style which allows them to counter just about any team in the region right now. They aren’t even allowing their over-confidence to stand in the way. They trash talk hard and then make the plays to back it up. The way things are going, we’re expecting them to top 2018 Spring Split EU LCS and move onto the Worlds stage, and maybe even go further than MSF did last year.

Which matches in Week 5 of the 2018 Spring Split EU LCS are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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