2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals – TL Smash C9

Team Liquid showed their worth today at the 2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals when they took on C9 and absolutely smashed their opponents from start to finish.

After what has undoubtedly been one of the biggest roller-coaster seasons we’ve seen in the NA LCS, it’s now time to pick a victor. That will no longer be C9, who started off the season so well but fizzled out towards the end. Despite the best efforts of the C9 roster, they were beaten 3-0 and finish their season with a cup of bitter disappointment, which they will share with their fan base.

TL will now face off against either Clutch Gaming or TSM in the next round of the NA LCS Playoffs 2018.

2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals

Week 1 Day 1 at 2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 March 2018.

Game 1 Team Liquid vs. C9 – TL win

Xmithie helped his team get off to a decent start as he has done so many times this season. He got Impact ahead in lane, but a great counter gank by Svenskeren evened things out. C9 out-rotated TL across the map, and came out of the early game with a decent gold lead thanks to their turret lead. C9 picked up baron and seemed set to march on past their rivals TL. The game was incredibly close but the main difference was between Sneaky and Doublelift. Doublelift was a god on Caitlyn, whereas Sneaky was behind on farm and kills, which was giving TL an edge in fights.

In the end, it took a piece of beautiful co-ordination by TL, to push bot lane with Pobelter, whilst also pressuring Elder Drake to end the game. TL turned that game around incredibly well, and it showed just how dominant they have the potential to be.

Game 2 Team Liquid vs. C9 – TL win

Impact brought back one of his signature picks, against his old team, Signed. He got ahead massively in the early game vs. Licorice’s Fiora. A nifty counter-gank and TP by C9 meant that TL didn’t storm ahead too far. TL then took it back to the top lane and dived Licorice. TL were evidently trying to win through the top lane. The skill difference between Licorice and Impact is definitely stark, so this made sense as a strategy. TL continued to feast on Licorice, and by the mid-game Impact was far too strong for C9 to handle.

A great Ryze ultimate to take C9 into the Baron pit and try to sneak it was ruined by a 200 IQ Redemption by Olleh. Baron was then picked up by TL, and Doublelift picked up a double kill. This massive amount of pressure was all piled on by TL in one last game-ending push. TL’s carries were simply doing their jobs better than C9’s, as well as Sven being out-jungled by Xmithie.

2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals

Week 1 Day 1 at 2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 March 2018.

Game 3 Team Liquid vs. C9 – TL win

The early game of the final game was incredibly slow, a few skirmishes here and there but nothing major, until a great counter-gank by Xmithie again showed who the better jungler was in this series. Sven must accept some responsibility for this failed gank, as he knew that Xmithie was around (having seen him warding moments before). It seemed like a desperate attempt by a desperate player, and the C9 capitulation continued. A messy fight around a Mountain Dragon gave C9 their first kill, 19 minutes in.

The pressure was still massively in favour of TL, and they also had 2 Mountain Drakes, which they used to take Baron at 28 minutes in. C9 then caught TL out and all but wiped them (except Doublelift) removing all the Baron buffs except one. This started a fightback by C9 which gave them about 8 kills without giving up many in return, but the gold was still in favour of TL. In the end, it was Pobelter with a game-winning pick on two members of C9, which gave them Baron.

TL used this pressure to pick up Elder and end the game, demolishing one of the strongest looking teams at the beginning of the season to make a statement at the 2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals.

2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals

Week 1 Day 1 at 2018 Spring NA LCS Quarterfinals in Los Angeles, California, USA on 24 March 2018.

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