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2018 Spring LCK Week 8 Betting Preview – Afreeca to Dominate - Esportsranks
2018 Spring LCK Week 8 Betting Preview – Afreeca to Dominate

The playoffs round has inched even closer to us as Week 7 has drawn to a close and Week 8 of 2018 Spring LCK looms ahead. We’ve made plenty of predictions about which way the LCK would head this season, and a lot of it actually came true. Kingzone DragonX and kt Rolster are in first and second place just as we had thought they would.

What went horribly wrong, though, is how KSV and SKT have both failed to live up to their names.

Can SKT Make it to the Playoffs?

It never occurred to us that we’d ever be asking such a question. We would have been deemed insane had we asked this last year, but times have changed, and so has SKT T1. Their performance throughout the 7 weeks of the 2018 Spring LCK warrants doubts, even though they still have a chance to advance going forward.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned this split from every region, it’s that underdogs have shown that they can change their winrate at any given time.

Even if SKT simply win their own games for the remaining two weeks, there’s no reason they shouldn’t make it to the next round. Yes, this may sound like a lot to ask for, but you need to keep in mind that the upcoming matchups for SKT are quite manageable. Apart from KSV, they’re going to face off against BBQ Olivers, MVP and Kongdoo Monster.

It just so happens that each of these teams is below SKT in terms of performance. There’s a high chance that SKT will be able to go 2-0 during the second week, and might even do so in the upcoming week, depending on whether they’re set to take on KSV. They’ve done so in the past, but it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to again.

If they do, they’ll make their much needed miraculous ascent into the playoffs stage, earning another chance to take back their top spot.

Favorites of the Week

Afreeca Freecs

This is the one team that might upset Kingzone and take the 2018 Spring LCK season all for themselves. Although it’s unlikely, this is the only team that might pull off such a feat. However, getting to second place shouldn’t be a problem for them. Kt Rolster will give them a whole lot of competition, but we think that AFS has what it takes to outmaneuvered them and secure victory.

This week gives AFS some really easy matches, both of which we think will result in a victory for them. Keeping that in mind, if kt Rolster lose to Kingzone as we’re predicting, Afreeca could very well fall into second place in the LCK.

Kingzone DragonX

The kings of the 2018 Spring LCK as of now, we’re predicting that this team is about to have a great year all around. They don’t seem to have a team that counters them, and their main rivals in Afreeca Freecs and kt Rolster don’t even come close to matching them.

They’re set to win the coming week 2-0, if their previous match against kt Rolster is any indicator. It’s hard to see them losing, and it’s highly likely that they’ll be the winners of the split unless AFS can come up with a hard counter to their playstyle – a daunting task to say the least.


SKT might not be owning the region, but this week could still be theirs if they play their cards right. BBQ Olivers are, however, the greater threat to SKT. The reason behind this is that BBQ have often bested teams which ranked higher than them. SKT could fall into the same trap of underestimating them and having to face defeat later on.

Must Watch Matches

Kingzone DragonX vs. kt Rolster

Predictions: Kingzone win 2-0

Betting odds: 1.42 (Kingzone) – 2.65 (kt Rolster) via gg.bet

It’s high time that kt Rolster showed Kingzone that they’re not a low tier team that they can simply wipe the floor with. To do that, they’re going to have to find a weakness in Kingzone’s playstyle and strategy. We don’t see that happening, however. With the LCK prepping up new ways to play on Patch 8.5, there’s no predicting what either team will do.

The worst aspect about this for kt Rolster is that the matches are best of 3, unlike in Europe and NA. Even if kt Rolster comes up with a cheese strategy to catch Kingzone off guard, they’ll be alerted to what kt are up to, and will thereby avoid falling into the same trap twice. Kingzone’s overall game performance have by far been much better than that of kt Rolster, and for that we thing that Kingzone will win this game. If anything, kt Rolster will be able to win a single game at most.

SKT T1 vs. BBQ Olivers

Predictions: SKT win 2-1

Betting odds: 1.29 (SKT) – 3.39 (BBQ) via ArcaneBet

Here’s another important match coming up this week. It’s significance lies in that if SKT are able to win, they’ll reserve their chance to head on to the playoffs. There’s an air of uncertainity regarding SKT going to the playoffs, and they’ve got the chance to end that by winning this match and the one that follows.

BBQ Olivers could very well win this match if SKT aren’t careful. They aren’t a team to be taken lightly, and SKT above all teams should realize this before entering the arena against them. We’re willing to bet that SKT has a plan in mind to take down BBQ and take one step towards securing their place in the playoffs round.

KSV vs. SKT T1

Predictions: SKT win 2-1

We’re back at this matchup. These teams are destined to have their matches tinged with an almost poetic atmosphere. Both of them now know that the other is quite capable of taking them down. This means they’ll be all the more careful playing against each other. The general mindset will be to play carefully in hopes of outplaying the enemy on a macro scale (especially with the Banner of Command). This leads me to believe that the team that tends to play aggressively to counter this playstyle could gain the upper hand.

Right now, SKT are looking really bad from last week due to their losses. If they’re somehow able to regain their footing and learn from what happened, they could take down KSV. KSV aren’t looking too good this split either. We’re predicting that SKT will win this match, although it could be a fight of blood and tears.

2018 Spring LCK Week 8 Schedule

Final Thoughts

It all boils down to SKT in the end. Everything else is as analysts including myself have predicted. The only piece of the puzzle that’s missing from the picture is SKT. Their playmaking during the remaining weeks of the 2018 Spring LCK will decide if they have a place in this season’s future or not. On a personal note, it seems like SKT are about to make history once more with some clean wins coming up. The chances of pulling so many straight victories in a row are low, but SKT aren’t a normal team. They’re legends, and legends never die.

What do you think about SKT making it to the playoffs? Regardless of whether it’s likely or not, it’s certainly desirable for most LCK fans. Let us know your thoughts down below!

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