2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals: Splyce Smashed ROCCAT – Are H2K Next?

The first half of the 2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals left us a bit surprised. While we had predicted that Splyce would be the one to move forward, we never would have expected a 3-0 stomp. In fact, we really thought that ROCCAT might take the match all the way to game 5.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. ROCCAT couldn’t find their footing in any of the games completely, and no matter which style they adopted, Splyce were always a step ahead of them. If ROCCAT tried an early-game aggression strategy, Splyce knew exactly how to counter them, often pathing exactly the way they needed to outnumber them at all times.

H2K vs. Vitality – Something Similar?

Vitality and H2K have the same difference that Splyce and ROCCAT had. Splyce had been performing on a far better scale, but with ROCCAT’s amazing macro plays and map control, we thought they had a good fighting chance. That turned out to be wishful thinking as Splyce completely ravaged ROCCAT when they went head-to-head at the 2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals.

Now, Vitality is a hyper aggressive team, as we all know by now. They don’t stop at anything to get at the enemy Nexus, and they’ve gone to great creative lengths in order to achieve those base ends.

H2K are definitely not the team that we saw at the beginning of the split. They are no longer at the bottom of ladder, just waiting for their next loss. They’ve climbed up all the way to the quarterfinals, and the definitely didn’t come all the way here to just lose in the quarterfinals. They’re going to give Vitality everything they can possibly come up with. Getting to the semifinals is more than they could have dreamed of this season, and I’d consider it a huge victory for them.

Remember, they were the very worst team in the region for quite some time. Getting to the playoffs is already a huge win for them. They’ve got absolutely nothing to lose at this point, yet have everything to gain.

ROCCAT vs. Splyce – What Happened?

Let’s have a look at what went on during the games between ROCCAT and Splyce. The fact that Splyce completely owned ROCCAT forces us to inspect the games in more detail:

Game 1:

Nisqy went 12/0 during this game. Although Splyce could have played better as a team, Nisqy played this one beautifully. He started getting fed right from the very beginning , and his team made sure to capitalize on that. They also made sure to outplay H2K whenever they wanted to group up and take down Splyce members.

The start of the game looked like it might have swung wither way, but after a while, it became clear that Splyce would have the upper hand. The difference between both teams kept growing huger until Nisqy and Kobbe started doing obscene amounts of damage which ROCCAT weren’t able to withstand.

Game 2:

Game 2 was similar in terms of how the game snowballed slowly towards Splyce’s side. However, since it happened thrice in a row, we know it wasn’t all by accident. Splyce carefully planned their way to victory, and this time they had a Jhin on their team. The star player, however, turned out to be Odoamne on his Camille. He stopped at nothing to get a kill, and ROCCAT found themselves playing on the defensive at all times. Soon enough, the game was all but Splyce’s to take.

Game 3:

The last game of the day could have easily gone over to ROCCAT if they could have had the late game they were aiming for. However, Splyce didn’t let them happen. Odoamne was a beast in the game too, and was once more on his Camille. Despite ROCCAT’s best attempts to get their Anivia and Jinx into the late game, they couldn’t manage the onslaught by Splyce, and had to give in.

Vitality vs. H2K Predictions

H2K have what it takes to beat Vitality – there’s no denying that. However, Vitality probably realizes this by now. H2K have a specific, slow and calculated style they use to gain victory over their opponents. Vitality have been weak against such a playstyle in the past, and is one of the reasons they fell from the very top.

It all boils down to whether Vitality can successfully counter H2K’s playstyle by making their own gameplay too fast for H2K to handle. The match is a best of 5, which means that both teams have an ample amount of time to think of counterstrategies against their opponents and also gain a buffer against cheese strategies that could catch them off guard.

As of now, we strongly believe that Vitality have the upper hand against H2K. As discussed above, this matchup is extremely similar to the one that took place yesterday. If things go predictably during the second half of the 2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals, Vitality will best H2K just as Splyce won against ROCCAT.

Final Thoughts

Vitality have extreme levels of cooperation between their roster, and can come back from situations that few teams can. In a best of 5 scenario, this effect is amplified even further. They’ll be able to improvise, adapt and overcome any situation theyre made to face this week. We’re predicting that Vitality will completely overshadow this match-up in the 2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals, going 3-0. If anything, H2K will be able to claim a single game for themselves, going 3-1. There’s no chance of Silver Scrapes playing this weekend.

Who do you think will win between H2K and Vitality in their matchup at the 2018 Spring EU LCS Quarterfinals? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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